Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Tea

I recently had to switch to decaf tea. Let me tell you this was not a fun decision at all. I love tea, I drink it daily a few times a day. I had recently discovered Typhoo brand tea when my sis who lives in B.C. told me about it. She actually sent me a box once as a surprise, she's so sweet!

Well I eventually found I could get it locally first at Safeway and then they discontinued it and then I found it at London Drugs so I was a happy camper. I had my favorite tea and I was set. Then I find out that I need to switch to decaf for health reasons. I tried buying some Twinnings and it was so weak and it left my mouth tasting like glue - don't even ask how I know what it tastes like! I tried Stash's Decaf Chai, not too bad but I did notice it was a bit weaker and I don't like to drink chai tea all the time.

Then my wonderful sis told me of the decaf version of Typhoo, she told of its great taste and full bodied flavor. The trouble though is that although I had been able to find regular Typhoo I hadn't been able to find decaf.

So I decided to contact London Drugs and see if they would consider carrying the decaf version. I told them how great it was, no other decaf tea like it. I put it all out there, cures cancer, depression and brings about world peace. I just HAD to get that tea! Then I get this lovely email back from on of the buyers saying that they currently have the tea on Manager Special, sounds great to me - then the other shoe dropped and I quote "Once something is on Manager Special it means we are no longer going to carry that item". WTF???? Have they not tasted this tea, I mean seriously! They import a lot of stuff for their import aisle, why can't they continue to bring in this tea and it's decaf counterpart? Good grief!

Then my sis once again came to the rescue - she can get it locally at a nearby British shoppe. So now she is my personal tea shopper. So I asked her to send me out 3 boxes of tea, there are 80 bags in a box, so I'm hoping it will last me until at least January as Canada Post is getting crazy with their rates.

When she went to buy the tea the owner relayed a story about someone buying tea for a loved one who isn't supposed to have caffeine so they purchase this decaf - cleverly hide the packaging and the loved one isn't any the wiser. It's that good! In fact my DH played a bit of his own sneakiness. You see, I was convinced I could have one cuppa of leaded regular in the morning and drink unleaded the rest of the day. I didn't realize that he had been giving me unleaded in the mornings as well. I had NO idea! So thanks to him I was able to give up the caffeine and not even notice, it's such a good full bodied tea - not weak at all!

So I will continue to have the tea shipped for me by my sis from B.C. and I even switched to caffeine free Pepsi, which was also hard to find. So far I can only find it in the cans. I am happy that I made the decision to become caffeine free, it wasn't easy but having a beverage that you normally enjoyed become enjoyable again without it has been such a huge help to me.


  1. I can't tell the difference either! Yay for Typhoo decaf!

  2. i so very much understand, and I too drink mostly decaf too, I like some of the Two Leaves and a Bud or Teavana varieties but have also branched out to green and red teas in order to cut back on the bad stuff, glad you like your Typhoo

  3. That's surprising that you went cold turkey without knowing it. I just have one cup usually and it's always 1/2 decaf and 1/2 regular. I think I would get the headache without my little bit of caffeine.