Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Thursday Thirteen 4 Me

When I first discovered Thursday Thirteen I was excited to be a part of a group. It was a way to post each week on random facts. I generally put a lot of effort into my Thursday posts. I thought the idea was to find new blogs to read. I was a new blogger and meeting people who posted similar posts was exciting.

I was looking to have comments and find good blogs from that. What I found was the people who did comment left very generic comments for the most part(unless they were a regular blog readers & friend) - and they only visited on Thursday's. It didn't bring more traffic my way and it was becoming for me a lot of work to come up with a theme each week.

I tried to get to everyone who commented and comment back. Some of the posts had such a lack of content that I wondered why they even bothered. Sure there were times when my 13 wasn't as detailed but some only ever do a very basic list. That might be good for them, but as a reader I wasn't enjoying reading it and I had very little to even comment about it. I would feel bad for not commenting etc., I'm like that I get the 'guilts' very easily.

I found myself struggling each week to come up with a creative post. I didn't want to do short boring posts.

So combine that with my already mixed feelings over the visitors on Thursday's I felt for me it was time to retire from writing them all together. I thought I worked good with a theme but perhaps it was too regimented in my mind. Whatever the case is, I am over the Thursday Thirteen's, Wordless Wednesday's and the other such types of posting. In fact even posting for 30 days is a bit of a struggle, we're not quite half way through and I'm hoping my head doesn't explode or something before the end.


  1. I still enjoy doing Friday Eye Candy, but I've pretty much quit all the other "themed" stuff too.

    Friday Fill-Ins was fun in the beginning, but like you, I found some people weren't really reading anything else. Then I got spammed from one of my answers. blog posting may not be as often without those fillers, but hopefully, my posts will be more interesting to my regular readers (friends). :-)

  2. Ditto on the 13. But it was a nice way to find blogs that you wouldn't find otherwise. You did put a lot of time into your thirteens and I still remember the pictures from a camping trip. I just didn't like the pressure to visit so many and then leave comments.

    You're doing great thus far with the month of blog writing.

  3. That's why I stopped doing TT. I wasn't looking for any more traffic and those who did come by seemed like their comment was 'copy and pasted' and they were just going from blog to blog with the same comment. So not cool in my books.