Friday, November 28, 2008

Oliver meets Mushu

Now Mama has done it now - I overheard her talking of sending treats to Mushu for his birthday. Then after supper I caught her looking at cute pictures of him on her computer! I thought I was the cute one - me and only me! Boy if I even see a dog walking near my house I let them have it. So as you can imagine I was not impressed when I saw Mushu's face on the computer.


See this is me showing Mushu my powerful bark! I have a very powerful bark, don't you think?

Here I am looking for Mushu - I know he's got to be here somewhere, I just saw him! Gosh Mom why are there so many cords back here and your desk is such mess!

If I can just get this desk to move he's got to be here - do you see him?

I'll teach mom to show me pictures of other cute dogs - I'm going to try to find him all night, running in and around her desk, let's see how much she gets done with me harassing her!

Oliver(aka The Jealous One)


  1. Too funny!

    We once had a parrot that fell in love with news anchorman, Marc Howard. When the news came on he would run up to the tv and kiss Marc. Then when the face went off, the parrot would run behind the tv to look for him EVERY.DING.DANG.DAY! You would think eventually he'd learn HE'S NOT THERE --- not yesterday, not today, and not tomorrow!

    For all I know, he's still doing it. When my ex and I got divorced in 1978 he got custody of the bird.

  2. I can just see him doing this too!

  3. That is HILARIOUS!!!! Poor Oliver, he seems determined to find the white intruder LOL Oh man, when I have three seconds I have to get Mushu up here to see what he does when he sees Oliver barking. This made my day! LOL

  4. Poor, poor Oliver. That's quite a bark on him!

    By the way, Martha loves dogs, so I don't think poor Oliver would have to be porcelainized.