Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Month to Christmas - time to get festive!

Well I have officially began to play Christmas music - I think enjoying a month of it is just the right amount. I knew it was time when DH mentioned he had it on his mp3 player when he walked Oliver.

I got my computer all decked out thanks to Mary Engelbreit she has Christmas desktop backgrounds as well as a really neat Queensaver (screensaver) that counts down the days to Christmas.

I'm getting excited to put up the tree on Saturday - for now I'll have to be happy with putting out our new tree sculptures that I bought and I want to get some window clings as well. I usually have them in the bathroom mirrors and any other mirrors in the house. It's a great way to bring the decorating into all rooms. I've also found that they stay on the mirrors better than the windows.

Christmas Baking List:
Sugar Cookies
White Macadamia Nut(give Joy some love for sharing this recipe)
Jam Jams
Shortbread(trying to decide - I use the recipe on the box of Canada brand cornstarch]
Butter Tarts(I'll post the recipe in December)
Muskrat Houses(very easy and quick to make as they are no-bake, something kids can easily do with a little assistance)

Now it's time to get the list of all the ingredients that I need and get ready to bake. I want to have two things made for the weekend for our tree trimming. I always have hot cocoa or some other festive beverage and homemade cookies. It puts everyone in a good mood to enjoy a Christmas cookie or two.

Don't forget to enter the contest for best Christmas decor - I already have a few entries and I'd love to have some more. We added our new tree sculptures to our yard and it looks so nice, I'll have to get some pictures up this week.

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  1. We love those no bake oatmeal cookies, they are so easy to make and quick treat.

    You sure do love Christmas, we will probably get our outside done this weekend. It was way too cold this past one.