Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday is for errands & Chores

I've got a ton of errands and chores to do today.

I've got to get my sisters Christmas package on the bus. Yes I know it is early, but I want to do it before the rush, and besides everything is ready to go.

Then it's time to get the Christmas lights up on the house before it snows.

We also need to get out our shampooer and clean the carpets so the house is ready for Christmas - can you believe that? Well we always put up our tree on the first weekend in Advent and that is NOVEMBER 30 this year so we have to get stuff ready. I was thinking of adding another lighted character to the house and a mini tree for the basement. Last year I bought a new tree for upstairs from Micheal's and we set up the small one in the basement, but I just didn't like it anymore and we don't really need two big trees. They ahve these cute little tiny ones and you can buy little tree skirts and ornaments for them, too cute.

I'm on my last day of bladder infection medicine - yay! I am hoping it's all cleared up. It caught me by surprise on Monday and I was quite sick with it, thankfully the meds worked quick.

So that's what my Saturday is shaping up like. This has been my first 'I don't know what to write day', hopefully it doesn't last.

Happy Weekend


  1. Glad you are feeling better.

    We're starting to think about holiday planning too. My sister was supposed to come with her family, but I talked with her this morning and it sounds like they won't be able to make the trip. Darn this bad economy!

    But, we'll still make the house all festive even if it's just for three. The neighbors expect lights ... they shall have LIGHTS! LOL

  2. good say goodbye to that bladder infection, love the idea of getting ready for Christmas, have lots of plans buzzing in my head too!

  3. Christmas! Yikes not even Thanksgiving yet. I stopped putting up a christmas tree quite a few years ago. Ba Humbug. For a few years I had the tree with lights, no ornaments, nobody seemed to mind, so I figured they wouldn't mind if they didn't need to haul the tree in and out. Seems I was right. Now I decorate an outside tree with lights and call it good.
    Hope the meds to the trick.