Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Shopping

Well I am posting much later than before - I almost forgot, but I'm not going to give up now with only 2 days to go!

DH and I left early to finish up the .5% shopping that we needed to do. This included of course shopping for Mr. Oliver so I thought I`d post his mug. He`s my sweetie pie. I never thought I`d have or want a dog and now I am truly a dog person.

Anyway - we left bright and early, to beat the rush of course. Well the first thing we encountered was a major traffic delay. It seems there was a terrible traffic accident and a major artery in our end of town was down to one lane of traffic and being detoured around the scene. As we drove around the detour on a service road, we went right by and OMG, I have never seen anything that horrible. The car was mangled! I hoped and prayed that they were ok and that no one died. I checked when I got home on the news and it seems the accident happened just after midnight and the driver has charges pending, both are injured and the passenger near death. What is with drinking and driving - sheesh!

Ok - enough of a rant - I picked up some new things, a new toilet seat. I will not show that for a! Suffice it to say that when we bought the house we put in all new toilet seats and the one in our half bath has been wiggly almost every since. Why is it that something like that gets put off so gosh darn long? Anyway today was the day I made a shopping list and it actually had 'toilet seat' on it - so I couldn't forget or put it off any longer.

We finally made our way to the pet store to get some gifts for the furry friends. Oliver will be sporting a new coat(of course he got his present early) - it's snowing here again today and I think he might find it cozy for his walks - and a ton of chews, his favorite. There wasn't anything there for our cat Ginger at all. Poor thing she rarely likes anything besides her food. She won't even eat wet cat food for a treat or the little cat treats. I was looking for the 'cat milk' you can get that is lactose free as she likes milk. You can't eat ice cream without having to put up with her wanting to crawl all over you for a taste. They didn't have any so I'll have to keep looking.

So there just a post about the goings on of our day - oh and we put up our tree last night. Maybe my last post will be of the house decorated - just maybe!


  1. Gotta take care of the furkids at Christmas.

    I don't know what is up with drinking and driving. You would think people would show a little more sense, but they never do. I suppose most of them think they aren't drunk.

  2. Gosh - Saturday must have been "toilet seat day" because we did that too. The one in the bathroom/laundry room has been broken for years and finally we got around to fixing it with a trip to the plumbing store on Saturday afternoon. Great minds think alike!