Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Slow start

Normally I would have posted by now - I am rather surprised that I haven't missed a day yet. I thought in the beginning there would be no way I could post for 30 days straight. Previously I have never done much in the way of weekend posts and posting from home.

I was going to think of what to write last night but I was busy trying to figure out how to get my Sansa E25o mp3 player to work. Recently it lost it's ability to store 'playlists' which is the all-time great reason to use an mp3 player. I love that I can click on a list and it will shuffle through whatever genre I am in the mood for. I recently added a ton of Christmas music and other than select one album at a time I couldn't figure out how else to just have Christmas music play.

There are times when we get invited to places and they love us to bring our players as we have all our music on one little device and it's perfect for the Christmas party season.

When I got home last night not only did it not have playlists at all but it was no longer showing any music in my mp3 player when it was connected to Windows Media Player. I was getting more frustrated by the moment. The next step was to view the device in Windows - even there the music was missing. The confusing part was that Media Player was allowing me to add music to the device and it wouldn't add anymore and told me it was full - yet as I said not showing the files as being on the device.

Thankfully DH was able to do a bit of searching it turns out the mp3 player I have from SanDisk hides the 'music' folder so you have to tell your computer to 'show hidden files' to actually see the folder. From there I was able to take out some of my summer music and finally get all the new Christmas music on the device.

He also found some freeware that is supposed to help with my particular player to make playlists. It isn't working either. I think the problem is with my player. Everything else works fine when I use it, just no playlists and just recently a problem when it's connected to windows media player.

So instead of some other post - I thought I'd post about my evening of frustration - wow only 4 more days to go!


  1. I think you have done great with the month.

    As far as the Mp3 player goes, don't you think that all these technological advances have just made our lives more complicated sometimes?

    But I know what you mean about playlists, I do love that about my ipod.

  2. Hard to believe it's coming to an end soon. You've done a super job this month and I've loved coming over and reading at the end of my day. As for gadgets and frustrations? I hear you on this one!

  3. Mp3 player is perfect for Christmas party.