Monday, November 03, 2008

Still a Kid at Heart

Yes I guess I am, you see I still love to colour! Ok it's out in the open now and I can't take it back. I don't to it often but every now and again, usually in the Fall. Maybe it's from Christmases past. Mom would sometimes sit and draw a nice Christmas scene on a big sheet of bristol board and we'd sit and colour it together. It was a typical scene a fireplace all aglow, Christmas tree with presents all decorated. Those were good memories. She'd often sit and colour with us and I always wanted to be able to colour as nice as nice as she did.

I was talking to my sister the other day via email and she was coloring - it's actually part of her job. Her husband is an architect and she colours for work. I think she still enjoys it as she mentioned she has her own colouring books.

Now I am not happy to just colour in any old book. I'm a little fussier now and it's hard to find good books. She mentioned Amazon and Chapters so I'll have a look there. A few years ago while I was visiting we each picked up the Mary Engelbreit calendar that had a coloring page for each month. I was hooked again after not coloring for years. I have been a little disappointed that she hasn't made another one of those calendars as I really enjoyed it. I do have a coloring book that she put out and I dug it out and I'm all set to colour - oh well I need to pick up some really good pencil crayons as the pictures are quite detailed, probably a set of Staedtler.



    Here's a list.

  2. Sounds relaxing, I used to enjoy coloring with my kids.

    I liked the idea of the calendar to color.

  3. VERY cool! I love to color but haven't done it in ages. Most likely it was when the kids were small so I could have an excuse to sit and color. It's very relaxing.