Friday, December 12, 2008

And the Winner Is....

Without further are the comments from guest judge Dawn. I don't envy her this task, there were so many beautiful pictures from all entries. And as you can see, she too had a tough time and had good things to say about all entries. I'm including all of her comments as she had many good things to say about all the entries and I think you all deserve to hear them. Thank you for sharing your festive homes with all of us, how wonderful to get a glimpse into all of your lovely homes and see your creative touches at work :)!

Hi Melissa,

Well, this is more difficult than I thought it would be. How is it there are so many people with such wonderful ideas, pretty homes and wonderful photos to show it. I will say a little on each entry because there are elements I like in each one. I should have made up a score card before hand but it is just going to have to be all subjective.

Entry 1: I love how traditional it looks. The stockings not all the same which is nice and the tree is so full of beautiful ornaments and lights. The presents look good too and with the fire going it is very inviting and relaxing.

Entry 2: I love the white tree. It reminds me of the snow covered trees in winter and the blue and silver ornaments are beautiful with it. It appears there are lots of green plants in the home so this would be a perfect contrast with it's freshness and cool colours.

Entry 3: This one is also very traditional looking and the lighting is gorgeous. The burgundy/red in the greenery is lovely with the lights and it is beautiful how the person put the greenery in different parts of the house. The photographer did a good job with lighting and showing the tree from different vantage points in the home.

Entry 4: It is nice to have 2 trees and the white ones look lovely. I think it adds to the scene by having them different sizes. I love the outside deck with the lit up scene. How grand to look out a window and see it. And who couldn't just fall in love with the little doggy in the stocking; how adorable.

Entry 5: What cute cats and they enjoy the tree. The tree and other decorations is lovely and a nice balance between traditional (the patch work tree skirt and some of the decorations along with the red accessories) and a touch of eclectic (some of the ornaments on the curio shelf, the Santa in the chimney, the window lamps). The tree looks beautiful lit up with the coloured lights.

Having said all that, now it is more difficult to choose. I think I will go with my first quick look impression and it is likely my decorating tastes as well; I am not a computer;-). First place goes to Entry 3. It is very warm, inviting, simple but elegant.
So the winner of the prize is Entry #3. I really appreciated Dawn being the one to judge it helped for me to be completely objective. This way anyone could enter. The only info Dawn had about the entries were what was posted here today, she made her decision solely based on that alone. Congrats to pinkrosecottage. Thank you all for entering. I am planning to do this next year and I will ask pinkrosecottage to be the guest judge next time.

You can now claim the best decor badge for your blog and the prize as well!


  1. Congratulations pinkrosecottage, your decorations are beautiful. :-)

  2. All of the decorations were lovely. I know Dawn must have had a hard time picking just one.

    Congratulations to Pinkrosecottage. Not only did she win, but I did too. I found a great new blog to read.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Wow - what a nice way to start a Monday morning - to read that I won a prize and the very nice comments to go along with it. Thank you very much - I'm smiling!

  4. It was tough. I am glad I included all the comments to you and you passed them on.