Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Birthday Surprises

Sometimes you still get surprised. A balloon-a-gram was just delivered to me. I had no idea who sent it and then I saw the card and it read - 'Who says December birthdays aren't special', it was sent by a new co-worker, a lady who is taking care of the elderly in our parish, too nice indeed! The balloon-a-gram is weighted down with a little sack of candies.

Then my boss stopped in and brought me some kahlua chocolates. It's an ongoing joke between us. A few years ago the school next door sent us some candies and I had some of the chocolates on my desk and when I came into work after the weekend they were gone. So that year I had this giant tube given to me full of the chocolates from him for my birthday and now it seems it's a tradition - too cute.


  1. What sweet co-workers you have! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy birthday! What a wonderful way to celebrate.

    The balloons look very festive.

  3. And now I'm coming over here to wish you a great big Happy Birthday!! Can never have too many birthday wishes :o) Or Kahlua chocolate...yum!

  4. happy birthday and merry christmas

  5. Beat me, call me names, it's okay.


    I hope you had a wonderful day. Looks like it was a yummy one.

  6. Happy birthday. I hope you had a great Christmas too. Chocolates are always welcome in my world;-). You have some thoughtful friends/coworkers.