Thursday, December 11, 2008

Canadian Geese - 'We're tough Eh!'

These here are 'Canadian Geese' and they are tough EH!

Look at them, lying on the snow covered lake, they take turns in the freezing water to keep it from freezing all the way through. They'll stay here as long as possible.

I know you're probably thinking what lazy geese, why don't they just get up and fly South already. But, these geese are tough. They're like the grumpy old man you see shoveling his snow in -50 below weather while everyone else is tucked inside warm and sipping on hot cocoa. No these here are tough ol' birds. They must be to face day after day of sitting on snow covered ice or swimming around in frigid water.

Maybe they just need some toques and long johns and they'll stay here all winter long!

They do take flight now and again - this must be the 'short-straw' task(keeping the water from turning to ice). They probably draw straws and the short-straw gets stuck in the snow while the others fly away and feed on any grain they can find that isn't covered under a snowy white blanket.


  1. The northern birds haven't arrived at our lake yet. Now I know where they are. They are still hanging out at your house.

    On Christmas Day we'll go over to the Merritt Island Reserve to see how much has changed since summer.

    I'm sure we'll see some of your buddies there.

  2. I'm always so surprised to see them into the month of December. I haven't seen any around here for a couple of weeks now, but it's always amazing to see them in the fields when the crops are coming off. Getting that last little bit of nutrition to make the long flight. Amazing creatures really. Hopefully your birds are gone by now because I don't know about where you are, but we're about to dip into the -20 mark here pretty soon!

  3. Hey - I just thought of a great knitting project for you - little toques and scarves for the tough little birds. You can slip the accessories on them while feeding them.

  4. My family lives out by the power plants and they have cooling ponds which stay thawed. Our geese live in the lap of luxury.