Monday, December 15, 2008

Holy Mother of.....

As you can see it is bloody cold! It's so cold the dog won't even walk to the backyard to do his business, we've taken to carry him as we've yet to find boots that stay on his feet. That will be one of my new missions, find really good boots that stay on and get him wearing them. We've now got him wearing a coat.

I wish it was a 'snow day' but unfortunately I have to head out in this to go to work. All I really want to do is stay snuggled inside where it's warm and drink hot tea!

Why on earth are we getting January weather mid December?????

Edited to Add: I guess we've not been this cold in some time. I went to plug our car in here at work and I couldn't see the block heater cord so I popped the hood up and looked underneath and still didn't see it. Finally I looked and saw a capped cord and wondered if that was it, it sure was - never been used. We never need to plug in at home as we have an insulated garage and if it's normal winter temps we don't plug in at work either, but this is the kind of weather that has tow truck and taxi cabs 2 hours behind so I knew I needed to get it plugged in. Thankfully DH recommended that I just leave the hood propped and plug in where I found the cord. Tonight when I get home he'll have to fish the cord out for easier access. I'm imagining that it's going to be a quiet here, so quiet it just might be this lonely church mouse here. DH is at home awaiting the stove repairman. Thankfully I am closing the office a bit early to go and get a haircut!! Oh, time to put on tea and warm up.


  1. Criminy --- That's COLD!

    We have had a VERY odd fall this year. We've already had two cold snaps that got down near freezing at night. The cypress trees and oak trees are already losing their leaves. They don't usually do that until late Jan. early Feb.

    Our autumn colors actually came in AUTUMN this year. That's weird!

    Hope you can stay warm. Take that tea with you in a thermos!

  2. I guess I'll have to keep your temperatures in mind. I'ts very cold here (west coast of Canada) but not like that. Although today we are going north for business and it probably will be cold like your temps there.

  3. I always thought you had a similar climate to us, but if you didn't use your block heater last year, you didn't get the -42˚ we did. I hope we don't get that this year again; I am not liking the -30˚ we have been getting now with you. Keep warm under your knitting (well, you might have to do something like a blanket in the cold weather rather than a dishcloth;-).