Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Love Baking Now

I guess it doesn't take much to make me happy. I love this new mixer. Not only does it have this handy dandy storage case but I think it looks quite nice. Oh, and yes it works great too! I made a batch of Ginger Snaps the other day and it was a dream to work with , it has a lot of power and it's got a nice heavy weighted feel to it, and you know it can do the job. I've not tried the other beaters, just the regular one. I'm curious about using the 'whisk' attachment.

Next a food processor and this time it's going to be a monster of a machine. I'm so tired of buying the average priced ones that break in less than a year. Any good recommendations on a good one to buy?


  1. Ohhhh very nice!!! Oster is a great company. You'll get many years of use with that one. And look at the cute container it comes in!

  2. That's really nice. I have an el cheapo one from 15 years ago, or maybe more, how time flies. For a good food processor, combo thingy, my mom has a VitaMix. Also a Bosch mixer/food processor is suppose to be good. I just drool when I look at them.