Thursday, December 04, 2008

Oliver and his new coat

What a nice coat hey Oliver? Well at least he no longer tries to bite when we put it on. In order to get him used to it we put it on him every time he needs to make a trek outside and now that he's gone for a few walks with it, he's pretty content to wear it. That being said there is no danged way we'll ever get boots on him. To all you owners who not only get boots on your dogs, but get them to stay on when they go walking - I salute you!

For now we'll be happy that not only will it keep him warm, but it has some nice reflective tape so motorists will see us on our walks.


  1. Poor Oliver. He doesn't look particularly pleased about the coat. LOL

  2. ohhhh! he is sooo cute! what a cute puppy! you are lucky!

  3. Awwww look at that face LOL Cute coat though. I've been seriously thinking of getting a coat for Mushu but I just don't know yet. I know his booties are sitting here waiting and the first sign his feet are bothering him in the snow and on they go. I think he'd rather have bleeding feet then put those things on though!