Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shopping done - baking just getting started

I was so far ahead - or so I thought. Well the shopping is done and for that I am entirely grateful. I don't do well in crowded stores, I am too introverted and crowds make me cranky. Today I am putting the parcel on the bus to Edmonton and then I am officially done getting my parcels to their destinations. Thank goodness for the service Greyhound provides.

Last night I finally started baking. I just haven't had any desire to bake so far. Last year by this time I had all my baking done. I don't know if it was the late snow or what but it I just wasn't in the mood to bake. Last night I started with some Ginger Snaps, which are my DH's favorite. I plan on making something else on Wednesday and Saturday and hopefully soon I'll have it all done and tucked away in the freezer to wait for Christmas.

I had to get a new hand mixer as the last one that I bought had some bare wires where it comes out of the back. So I decided to get a good one and I picked up an Oster and I love it!! It's a really nice hand mixer. I'll post pictures later - yes I'm that happy with it.

One of my sisters and my Mom and I always exchange an ornament each year and I had to pick up one for my Mom as Oliver got at the other one and ate the ribbon off and it looked ugly afterward, silly pooch! So I picked that up and added it to her parcel.

I am thinking of taking photos of the tree this weekend and posting them. Of course don't forget to get entered for the contest, it will be closing this Friday!


  1. I too have done my Christmas shopping through Target, it was such a wonderful experience.

  2. I haven't even started on Christmas shopping yet. Which is strange because normally I'm done by now. I know what I want to get, it's just a matter of going and getting them. Facing the crowds. Sweating. Cranky. Ugh.