Saturday, December 12, 2009

Her Majesty

I made this little dress for our niece Rachel for Christmas - I aptly named it 'Her Majesty' - for it is a wonderful majestic purple colour, the colour of royalty - and alas she is the youngest of four sisters and I think she will soon rule the roost :).

This was a fun knit, one thing though weaving in ends was I thought good and after I gave it a quick handwash and blocked it I noticed two had popped out - how frustrating. I've tucked them back in with a crochet hook. I don't know why it happened.

I am probably going to try making the adult version for one of my older nieces or use a thicker yarn and bigger needles to make her one. I think something other than sock yarn would be nicer for an 8 year old's top.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Here are my Jam Jam`s - just like Granny used to make! My mom gave me a little tip that I had never tried before, chilling the dough. This is a very soft dough. I made the dough yesterday evening and made the cookies tonight, wow what a fabulous difference it made! Usually I am pulling my hair out from the dough sticking to the table.

I think these will be a big hit! I`m taking some tomorrow to share with the Friday group and I have some set aside for DH and DD when they get home this evening. The rest will be tucked away in the freezer until needed. I`m very good about tucking stuff away.

I linked this recipe in my earlier Macaroon post - my sister has it up in case you want to try them. They are the best sandwich cookie, hands down!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little bit of pretty for the everyday

Here are the completed set of Tea Towels that I embroidered for a Christmas gift this year. I had a lot of fun doing this. I did a lot of embroidery years ago. I think I embroidered any material I could get my hands on. I think my DH was hiding his undershirts from me at one point lol :o).

I think a lot of people are going back to the old fashioned things and this definitely is right up there in that category. I think I'll be doing more of this in the next little bit. I've actually had other requests from other family members and I myself am in need of a new set of weekday towels.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


These Coconut Macaroons are to die for! This recipe was given to me by my sister. Tonight was baking night. I got the jam jam dough made and it's chilling in the fridge to be rolled out and baked tomorrow, see how they turn out by visiting my sister's blog. She even has the recipe up to tempt you to bake a batch. Just like our Granny used to make. Granny must be reaching to us from Heaven as both my sister, Mom and I have all decided to bake these. They were a staple at Granny' house at Christmas.

1/3 cup flour
2 1/2 cup shredded coconut
1/8 tsp salt
2/3 cup sweetened condensed milk
1 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 250F. Grease a cookie sheet well.
Mix coconut, flour and salt together in a bowl. Pour in condensed milk and vanilla and stir well to make a batter.

Drop batter by 1/4 cupfuls onto the cookie sheet allowing one inch of space between cookies. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from pans and cool on racks.

Friday, October 30, 2009

All Grown Up?

Isn't my little ghost cute? One of the ladies made these this morning and was handing them out. I had to find a perfect place for him. What a cute way to hand out lollipops on Halloween.

So the question is, how to you celebrate Halloween? For the last few years it seems I've "grown up". What does that mean, well no Halloween costume and some of the excitement that I used to get for this little holiday had subsided.

I had a dream last night that we were going to a Halloween party last minute. So I was scrambling to find a costume and I had to keep trying different ideas before I got one. Now I can't remember what I had finally chose but, I did feel some excitement about the whole idea of going out and celebrating. Now I know the dream probably means that there is something I'm unprepared for, but.....I got the feeling back of wanting to enjoy the holiday. The question remains how.

For years we dressed up every year. When we took the kids out trick or treating, we had a blast! It was so much fun, designing and planning costumes. We'd often get treats especially for us. I think everyone got a kick out of it. Then what happens, the kids get older and suddenly I'm not dressing up and eventually I lose my excited feeling for it. We even bought a ceramic jack-o-lantern so there is no more pumpkin carving either.

Now I know I want to do something but what? We have some good classic movies taped including the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Haunting(not sure the year, but it's in B & W) - and that sounds fun. I wish we had a more lively night scene, there is just nothing going on. The choices are pretty limited and mainly include going to the bar, this is no longer my scene. I'd love to go dancing or to a special Halloween Flick. There isn't much point in getting dressed up to sit in the house and watch t.v.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Apples

Oliver wanted to pop in and say Happy Halloween to you! He's not to keen on the actual day, we'll probably find him hiding in a room some where

Or more like Mom will make me hide! Yes I tend to bark a bit at the kids coming, but how can I help it they are all so spooky looking AND they steal all the candy!!!!!

Is there any question the day has me on edge? No, I don't think so!! I'm sure you'd all agree, it's a dogs right to bark at the ghosts and goblins, witches and even the princesses.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Cupcakes Anyone?

Here is the third tea towel, WIP. I love how this one is turning out, so far it's my favorite. I went to Michael's yesterday and got the silver thread and I started it yesterday afternoon. It's very close to being finished, just the cherry stem and the day of the week left.

I was working hard on knitting dishcloths - I made 5 and have the 6th one on the needles. I'm sticking with the old fashioned dishcloth, the only exception is that I don't like the space so I do the increase with K2, k1, m1 and for the decrease I do k2 and then k2 tog. I like how the edge turns out and the lack of space makes them more durable. They will be sold at our Churches Christmas program in just over 5 weeks so I have to get working. I chose this pattern because it knits up so quickly that I can get several done. My goal is to have 50 made for the sale.

In between that of course I still have my Christmas projects. Thankfully this year I am not doing any really big projects.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tuesday Towel

My little office Beagle is snuggling the tea towel. It's not a blanket but he likes it just the same.
I ran out and got the supplies yesterday and I went home and ironed all the transfers on right away, I was excited to get started.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A touch of the Old Fashioned

Years ago my mom got me started with embroidery. We had a local craft store that carried these neat Aunt Martha iron on transfers. I was soon hooked. I think I made everyone I know a set of 'day of the week' tea towels.

I used to be able to buy the tea toweling material at the fabric store and then I'd cut and hem them prior to doing the embroidery. These towels remind me of that.

I have to head to the craft store and buy a hoop, embroidery thread and a needle. I must have misplaced the tin I used to have that was full of embroidery floss. Oh well, it will be fun to select new colours. I will post progress pictures. Well I'm off to get supplies, I just can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Swap with a Friend

Here is my swap package that I received from Grace - this is the second swap we've done, just the two of us. It's a lot of fun! Isn't this a lovely package! We went with a Fall theme but I think we both included a bit of Christmas. Here is what I got.
-Teeny Tiny Sock seeds, the pattern to knit them, and the yarn a nice green mix from Knit Picks.
-A Mary Engelbreit Christmas themed journal.
-3 beautiful dishcloths; illusion candy corn, fall leaf and an orange bat.
-3 stitch markers in a cut bag.
-Celestial Seasonings Nutcracker Sweet Tea(one of my favorite Christmas teas).
-International delights chai tea mix, mmmmm.
- 2 skeins of Sugar n' cream cotton yarn.
-A cute tape measure.
-Cranberry votives.
-A very cute turkey, lol.

Thanks Grace!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


I have finally listed an item on Etsy, my store front finally has something in it. I've been hesitant but I decided to just do it once and for all! I want to continue to update the store as often as I can while I work on my own projects. I hope you can stop by and say hi!

I listed for the first time today with these:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dishcloth Bouquet

I decided to find a use for my teapot flower pot - it loves holding my completed dishcloths!

Knitting was good on the weekend. I finished two more dishcloths and did a bit of work on a table runner that I am knitting for my in law's and then I got my throw that I'm making for DH and myself out of the plastic storage bin(keeping it moth free) and began working on it again. I got about half way before it was just getting too hot to knit a wool blanket and it got tucked away. This morning I started my day with morning knitting. I'm trying to make this a regular thing. I plan on actually setting the alarm clock for a half hour earlier to accommodate it. I find life is much easier to deal with if I've had that quiet time. It's really peaceful, a wonderful way to start the day. Today I was working on our throw and I'm really liking how it's turning out. I've never had a hand knit wool blanket before. I don't know how practical it will be to have one but it looks nice and it will be nice and warm. I'm only going to bring it out when the pooch is in bed for the night - I don't want it getting snagged or full of pet hair.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Lizard and Yellow Ripple Ombre

This lizard lattice cloth is so quick and easy. I started it after supper and in just a couple of hours it was done. The pattern is really easy. It can be found on Ravelry for free.

The second one is an ol' standby for me and it's the Feather and Fan dishcloth, it is also available for free at the dishcloth boutique.

Some nice passing time while watching t.v. knitting is very soothing. I just finished my mom's shawl. I'll post some pictures on the weekend - I still have to weave in ends. Only one more WIP started so far for Christmas knitting, although I am thinking of doing another beret for my DD.

We're meeting my DS's live-in-girlfriend's parent's tonight. His girlfriend is taking her family and our family out for Chinese food. I'm excited to meet them. Although I don't agree how fast these two got together or that they live together I really think she's a great girl. She has huge goals in life and will be going back to university after taking one semester off after her first year, she soon realized she'd rather be getting an education than working at some generic job. I'm hoping she inspires our DS to go to university.

Happy Knitting!

Friday, September 11, 2009

OverNight Cinnamon Buns

These were what I woke up to this morning, well I baked them this a.m. while I sat at the kitchen table and knit and sipped tea, how lovely!

I will definitely be making these again. All the prep work was done last night and they sat in the fridge overnight waiting to be baked this morning. This would be a wonderful addition to a holiday morning brunch menu.

If you are curious for the recipe you can email me at mrs_tea_mouse at hotmail dot com .

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

An Image of Procastination

Nice snowman mug hey? Well I tend to prefer a larger mug, especially when I'm drinking my own pot of special decaf tea. So around December last year I dug this out and began to use it. It's really a nice sized mug. I liked using it so much that I continued using it all winter, after all it was 'winter' themed and not specifically a Christmas mug. So I used it and then the winter slowly turned into spring and yet I was still using this mug!

I told myself I'd find a spring replacement, I wanted a nice bright mug. I'm thinking a nice striped one like they use on 2 1/2 Men or something similar. That never happened!

Now it's September and my thoughts are drifting to muffin making and simmering pots of stew and the lazy days of winter ahead so I can once again rationalize the use of Mr. Snowman. I'm curious to see if he'll be the holder of my tea next spring/summer as well.

So this is the perfect image of me and my procrastination. I do tend to procrastinate a tad, not with work - I'm super organized and efficient with my job, but leave me to my own projects and you'll find a big mess of disorganization. I have no idea why, I don't function well in it. I had to run to Staples yesterday for some office supplies and I made the first step in de-cluttering at home and it only cost me .79 cents. What you wonder could help that much? It's simple really a pack of dividers. My knitting patterns are getting away from me, they're everywhere even after I started with good intentions of storing them in binders and some in plastic sleeves. I was looking for a dishcloth pattern the other day and I was so frustrated at it all that I didn't even get one started. So my mission now is to organize my knitting in a nice big binder by category and to start getting the patterns all into their own protective plastic sleeve. In order to do that I have to stop being a procrastinator, I'll keep you posted. Maybe I can do before and after pictures - yes, I think I will!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Back away I'm Mr. Independent

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is watch your children make mistakes. When they're little you plug up the holes in all the electrical outlets and bubble wrap the furniture. Even then if they get an oweeeeee you can just put a bandaid on it and kiss it better, most of the time.

Then they get older and they go to school and you have to back off a bit. You can guide and teach but you can't make them study or do the book report or if they do it you can't make them hand it in. They are growing into their independence. Sometimes it's very hard to watch you just want to step in with the bubble wrap and make it all ok.

Then the next phase comes and it's not an easy one to handle as a parent. No amount of child proofing can help. It's the 'I'm an adult now and know what I'm doing' phase. After going through all the other childhood experiences I have to admit this is in all honesty the hardest!!!

This phase is a new one for me and I don't know how to deal with it. Our 20 yr old son has decided that after meeting a girl on FB this last winter and in person just at the end of July that he's ready to move in with her and play house. Not only that but he didn't even had the decency to tell us in a proper manner, instead it was an off hand remark at the end of a family bbq with a 'I'll be by to get the rest of my things'. So he's feeling like super grown up now - he's ready to take on the world and any qualms we may have have been pushed aside and poo pooed. He's angry that we haven't jumped up and down and said this is the best thing ever. Well I'm not going to as I don't think it is. I barely know the girl, he hasn't even given me the decency of telling me her last name. It seems like they are both wrapped up in each other and the rest of the world can just butt out.

So I'm moody and angry and a whole lot of other feelings and if I'm not blogging a lot it's because I really don't know what to say and I've probably said enough. This is my eldest and I really thought he was a different person and I'm shocked and saddened by his choices and lack of respect for his family.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knitting & Other Nonsense

I am currently knitting my DD a two tone ribbed shrug. I had bought the yarn last summer while I was visiting my sister in Vancouver. I used Cascade 220 in Blue Velvet for the MC and Cherise for the CC. At the time I thought I'd get around to knitting it for her for Christmas, but as usual I had taken on much more than I could possibly accomplish so it got put on the back burner. Since I am on a yarn diet I decided to go stash diving and when I saw the yarn for her project I thought I should finally knit it. She stumbled upon me during a quiet knitting time and I couldn't think fast enough when she asked what I was working on, so she now knows it's for her and what it is. The good news is that she loves the shrug and the colours I chose it's too bad I couldn't have surprised her with it. I am about 75% done and I aim to have it done by the weekend. I'll post finished pics soon.

In other knitting news I am thinking of making this it looks perfect for the fall/winter. The question remains what colour. I am on a yarn diet so I had thought of using my cascade red dipped for it but I'm thinking more practical now. Perhaps a nice grey or cream would be nice to go with more outfits.

Yes, the weather is now starting to make me think of fall. Even though we've had some nice temps during the day the air still has the fall type feel to it and it's now getting dark by 8:30 p.m. I have to say that's one of my least favorite things is the shortened daylight hours! It's hard to get out of bed when it's dark and by 8pm I'm thinking it's time to go to!

I made a fresh loaf of bread yesterday, has anyone else noticed how expensive bread is getting? I hear the crops aren't great here again so I imagine we'll have more increases in this yet again. I just about died at the price of flour! Even though it is outrageous it still has to be cheaper than buying bread, plus mmmmmmm fresh bread is the best!

I'll end with a funny quote from my DD - 'From the Mouths of Teenagers'.
"Mom, do you and dad actually make your bed EVERY day?"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knitting On

I am slowly getting my knitting mojo back. This is my second Christmas project so far - I am making it for my Mom for Christmas. It's the Very Easy Ripple Shawl by LionBrand. I substituted the yarn they requested with their cottonease. It's a very soft shawl, I think she'll really enjoy it. One of her favorite colours is red. And yes the shawl is draped on my new cozy wonderful it is!!! The arms even open up and reveal storage, a great place to keep notions and other things while I knit. This is my new knitting spot, I can't even remember if I showed it yet on here or not. DH was away in June and I went to look at recliners and I fell in love with this one and ordered it. This is the first larger item I've purchased without his input.

The second one is a table runner for my Inlaws for their Christmas gift. Their kitchen is in sage green colours. This is the Scalloped table runner and I am using Mouzakis Butterfly Super 10 for it.

I don't think I am going to do a lot of Christmas knitting this year. I did a ton last year and I was knitting slippers right up until Christmas eve. Instead I've chosen a couple of recipients and I can take my time to knit. I also have a throw to continue on for my DH and I. It was too hot to work on a wool throw through the summer but I want to get that completed. Unfortunately it's not the Jared Flood one I started out with but it's a very nice ripple and it looks so beautiful that I think I am ok with the change.

I think today will be a 'knit day', I am finding myself more drawn to knit as it feels more and more like fall here. Next Tuesday school is back and that always ends summer for me. Thankfully I am still off all next week so I can maybe get some quiet knitting time in while everyone resumes their normal routines :)!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's Up

Today is baking day! I'm baking Pineapple Upside Down Cake, one of my absolute fav's! I don't do a lot of baking but since I am on holiday I thought I'd do some weekday baking.

Yesterday was the dreaded cleaning day. I had to clean out the fridge. Lucky me, I found a spill under the fridge that appeared to be molasses! So now the fridge was cleaned inside and out and even under so it's ready for Fall.

On Sunday we realized our washer isn't working, great! It's three years old and has been running just fine, no odd sounds or anything odd occurring. It's probably some stupid computer chip that went. It's a front load washer and I absolutely adore it. The last time we had to call a repair technician out for our stove for a simple dial that stopped working for a burner it was $250, seriously it was almost half the price of the stove brand new - just ridiculous. It wouldn't really pay to fix it again could get a new one for the cost of 2 repair jobs - sheesh! And they wonder why the landfills fill up, we live in a disposable world.

Back to school starts a week from today - and it seems to have my DD on extra edge. So that's been a joy to deal with. I'm hoping she gets under control soon! I think this year she will ride the school bus and maybe that will lessen some of our morning stress with her.

I just went online to the library and put some books on hold - I was going to reserve the Time Traveler's Wife but my line in queue was 102!!! I guess I'll be buying the paperback instead. I don't have the patience to wait that long for a book. I try to be ahead of the game with authors I read regularly - as soon as a book comes out that I know I want I try to get my name on the list before it's released or very soon after to prevent the long waits. I don't re-read a lot of books so buying them seems to be a waste.

Summer - where have you been? I don't know what kind of summer you are all having but ours has been very cool - temperature wise that is....! We've only had a very few HOT days and we've barely needed to use the A/C. That will be great for the power bill but considering soon we'll be needing to use the furnace it's a bit of a let down.

Off to bake!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Holidays Begin

Well it's my official first day of holidays. It started off great. I slept in until 10am, feel really refreshed. Hopefully I'll have more time to post now. We have no official plans this year so it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere now.

DH is off to take his MIL to the hospital to visit his Dad and then he's getting groceries.

Meanwhile Oliver and I decided a morning walk was in order. What better way to walk than head to PetSmart and get him some rawhides and a nice bone to chew on.

Here he is on the way back, some of those weeds must have smelled really good to him. He just had to stop and roll around in them. I'm thinking they must be really stinky!

He couldn't wait to get home and have me open up a new bag of rawhides - he's just like a little kid with a bag of candy.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sister Knitting

Just finished up some 'sister knitting'. This is a surprise gift for my lil sister. She loves the brown earthy tones. This is LionBrand CottonEase in Hazelenut. Since she'll be getting it in the warmer months I've decided to give it short sleeves, also I think it will suit her style more!

The second picture shows the colour more accurately but the first one has the full effect with the buttons sewn on.

Monday, July 06, 2009

My Serenity Spot

Shhhhhhh, this is my quiet spot. Well not really that quiet, Oliver joins us out here for our evening tea. We've taken to taking our evening tea outdoors and the backyard is getting more and more beautiful. DH added another flowerbed next to our sitting spot and I just love it. We'll be doing the other side next summer(need more plants).

It has become a spot to sit and sip tea, listen to stories, chat, knit, play with the dog or on some occasions have a light nap.

I'm trying to take the time to enjoy the yard this year. I am not usually a huge outdoor person. I've got issues with bugs that usually prevent me from enjoying the beauty of nature. This year I just decided to get out there.

We've had an interesting visitor the last two evenings, well more than one actually. See behind our chairs is a birdbath. We got it because 1. It looked beautiful and 2. To attract birds to the yard. But what we discovered the other day is that we have attracted honeybees. Yes they come alone at least 3 per evening and they head straight for the birdbath and stop and have a drink. I am not sure where they're coming from but they pardon the pun, make a bee line for the water so they have obviously communicated it amongst each other. They don't cause any problems, they have their drink and then they're off.

Just some small things you miss if you sit indoors all summer breathing in recirculated AC air - I'm glad I'm taking the time to enjoy these short summer months.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Should this be the end?

That's what I've been pondering these past few weeks. Whether this blog has reached the end of its life.

Life has been total chaos and blogging has been the furthest thing from my mind. The odd time I'd feel this guilt build up as I know I haven't been blogging and quite often not even getting to read the blogs of my friends - it's terrible!

Thankfully I feel on the road to recovery after my influenza - NOT swine flue thank you very much! I wish it was Swine - this sucker hung on for over 4 weeks and I'm at the 5th week now and mornings are still rough with coughing and trying to clear stuff out - not pleasant to say the least.

Then I noticed that my DH who had been off blogging since the fall is at it again so maybe, just maybe it's still viable - if even just to keep a journal of what's going on in my life.

Today we went home for lunch even though our DD is off school for the summer. It's a nice break in the day. We ate our lunch on the back deck and I was surrounded by my beautiful flowers and even the knowledge that we had to head back to work was somehow not that unbearable.

I picked up the little teapot planter at Michael's, as soon as I saw it I just had to have it. Thankfully I got it on sale. The wave Petunia's are just perfect for it. The other tiered planters have geraniums, viola's and portulaca. They're just nice to have on the back deck. I have to enjoy the deck in the evenings and early mornings as we are South facing and there isn't much for shade so it is intensely hot. Today it's 30C which is 86F for my American friends and it's our really first HOT day! Thankfully I am blessed to have AC in work, home and the car. I'm one of those people who wilt in the heat, how can you tell my heritage is!

So I'm going to be back and I'm going to try to get more focus to this blog, especially since my job slows down to a turtle pace in July and August!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bitten by the Flu Bug

Yes I am still sick! I've been sick since the 18th. It started with a week of fevers. So I've had a fever ever since as no medicine will bring the temperature back to normal. Let me tell you, I don't do well when I am feverish.

Then last Sunday I got the cough part, which first starts out as a dry hacking cough and then it loosens up and I get to cough up all the guck!

I am not doing a lot right now as I get winded by doing the slightest tasks. I've not missed this much work in 7 years! I'm really hoping that the fevers will end by Monday, I can't take much more of them.

I'll be back when I feel better, sorry that I haven't even had the energy to go and read blogs. I look forward to reading them when I'm better.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Anniversary Get-A-Way

First I was out of commission with my wrist and although it didn't prevent me from posting I was in a bit of a bad mood since I wasn't able to knit. Then my DH took ill with a nasty virus and it had me running in circles to keep up. Last Monday I started getting sick. I have had a fever day and night since then. The only way I could keep the fever at a relatively reasonable temp was to take a combination of 1 Tylenol and 1 Motrin. Unfortunately I didn't figure that out until the wee hours of my first night of my anniversary get-a-way weekend. At least this made Saturday much more enjoyable!

Yes, DH and I are celebrating 20 years this Tuesday. We planned a trip to Moose Jaw, Temple Gardens Mineral Spa. It's a beautiful hotel and we always love taking in the waters, your skin feels so much better afterward. I thought we were booking a regular room with a two person tub. So imagine my surprise as I walked into our room and saw a gigantic jacuzzi tub! Double sided electric fireplace which faced both the jacuzzi/seating area and also our big king size bed. Here he had reserved the 'Honeymoon Suite'! We never had a honeymoon 20 years ago so I was quite touched that he surprised me with it.

So by noon on Saturday we had to take a drive around MJ with the AC on so that my fever would go down. We stopped and picked up some fresh fruit and headed back to our room to relax and have a nice casual lunch. It seemed to do the trick combined with my new medicine cocktail and by the afternoon I could actually plan to go out for dinner and a movie.

We found this wonderful restaurant in an old 1905 mansion. It was quite the dining experience. The owners bought it in 1978 and converted it, taking care to find antiques that were owned by the previous owners and from the surrounding area. This three story mansion has such a 'step back in time' feel and the food was amazing as well as the staff were extremely friendly. They say the house is haunted by Minnie the former lady of the house and it can be read in 'Canada Ghost to Ghost'. If you're ever in Moose Jaw you must visit Hopkins Dining Parlor.

Then we saw Star Trek and even though my head was pounding the whole time(not fun with dolby digital surround sound) I still loved it. I definitely want to see it again sans headache.

The hand is healing up nicely, I am using my splint only at work now and I can do some knitting. So when I am feeling well I can take time to knit which is making me very happy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Here is my injured wrist, of course I am sad to say that knitting isn't happening right now. Boy do I miss it! I even tried taking off the splint last night and knit a row, that caused some pain so I thought surely I could knit with the splint on, again I was sorely wrong. I've had this before, it is wrist tendinitis and I'm sure I get it from all the mouse use I do during work hours and of course when I am on the computer at home. I think last time it took about 4 weeks to heal up and even then there were times it got aggravated and I was in pain. Sadly there isn't a lot that can be done for it besides immobilizing it and letting it heal. The tendons in the wrist are all swollen and inflamed. My treatment is the splint along with ibuprofen and ice. I haven't tried ice before so I'm hoping that adding it to the treatment will help it heal up, hopefully much better than last time.

So for now I am sad that I can't knit and I'm looking for other things to do to keep busy. My sis recommended reading a good book. I have to find a book that I can't put down and maybe that will take my mind off of the fact that I can't knit.

Why is it that as soon as you can't do something that you want to do it even more?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Card Making Fun

I made two more birthday cards for friends of ours, they are twins turning 65 on May 10. When I made my DD's I remembered how much fun it is and I had to make them each their own personal cards.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swap Treasures

I was recently in a swap with Grace from Lovin Comfort Knits - she had so many goodies in the package. There was Jersey Girl chocolate bars(to die for)!, 2 teas(one bagged, one loose), Peach candies, calendar, a novel, two knitting pattern - the cozy one is amazing, stitch markers a few little freebies and of course 2 skeins of my absolute favorite dishcloth cotton - Peaches and Cream. The one colour Fiesta Ombre I have never had before so it was quite a treat.

Grace is a very talented knitter and she works a lot on designing shawls - I have to get the pattern and yarn as soon as I am off my 'yarn diet'! Pop by and see all her beautiful knitting - she has some free patterns available as well on her blog.

Then there were the cloths that she made me - so beautiful and she made me four!This one is Beeeeutiful! I love bees(well not real ones), but my name actually means 'Honeybee' so I thought this was quite special and of course it's in yellow which is my favorite kitchen colour. I'm about to paint my kitchen this spring, in you guessed it yellow.

A cute pink flower - a nice peachy pink.

A tulip - I love tulips, one of my favorite flowers!

And last but not least a green starfish!

Thanks so much Grace, it was so much fun swapping with you. I enjoyed putting together your swap parcel, it was so much fun!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Ramblings

DH is home sick today - it seems that our DD had that lasted over 3 weeks hit him, not good as it's a busy work week for him. Thankfully he was able to stay home in bed today and look who HAD to join him, that's right - Oliver. It looks to me like he really didn't have to do much to get Oliver to snuggle with him in the big bed. He looks like he is in doggy heaven.

It almost makes me forget how he dove at my bowl of apple crisp last night - almost!

So I had a quiet lunch in the park. Well it's too cool to eat outside yet but I ran and got a Timmie's sandwich and a cool Iced Cap and sat and listened to an audio book(Sense and Sensibility) and did some knitting. The geese are out and about, a good sign spring is here. Lucky geese, I didn't finish my sandwich and I shared the rest of my bread with them. They seemed to really enjoy it. They were really cautious at first but once the realized I had tossed some bread out they made sure to enjoy it. Well, except for a few crumbs - they left some small crumbs that Ms. Sparrow thought were just her size and she cleaned up the rest. I wasn't expecting her visit so there are no pictures but she sure looked cute eating up the leftover crumbs.

Friday, April 17, 2009

5 Things

Grace tagged me with this Friday Meme
Friday's Question.....
If you had all the money in the world what 5 things would you do first with your money?
  • Pay off all our debts, mortgage etc. and help any family members do the same. Making sure my kids were set - buying my sister a House and a car, putting AC in my in-law's home and giving them money for whatever they need/want.
  • Select a village in need and foster-care for it until it was able to be independent. The dream would be to do many of these projects and raise funds of which 100% would all go toward the villages in need.
  • Create affordable housing by purchasing homes in older neighborhoods and get plans in motion to create a trust fund to fund the renovations - these homes would be offered to low-income working families who would pay a reduced mortgage and eventually own the home out right.
  • Buy a home in Lakeview(a nice area of my city) as well as build a log cabin nestled in the interior of Beautiful British Columbia. It would feature a loft bedroom, large kitchen that opened up to a big living room with fireplace. I'd love the furniture to also be made out of logs to give it a rustic appeal - the stove would be antique looking(I love the look of old stoves) - nice big porch in front and back to sit and drink my morning tea and knit - a nice big fenced area for Oliver to run and play, maybe with his friend Piper if we ever get him a new pup to play with.
  • Travel - oh to travel! There are so many places I'd love to go - I'd love to have vacation homes in my favorite places such as Tuscany, England, Ireland, Hawaii(perhaps - or somewhere tropical). I'd travel and shop for wool all over the world to bring back to sit on my porch with and knit, knit and knit!
  • Shop - I have to add shop, for new clothes, shoes and of course yarn and new furnishings for the homes listed above - maybe a makeover!
Oh - it is so fun to dream isn't it!

NOW your turn to answer the question I am going to choose 4 people ..YOU CAN CHOOSE how many people you want to do this. ~I have a hard time remembering who likes/doesn't like to do meme's, if you want to play along leave a comment and I'll pop by and see your list!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pampering the Kitchen & Bath

These are some of my bath pampering washcloths. The top one is the Not Your Average Washcloth, the pattern is in the 100 One Skein Wonders book. It calls for using Rowan Handknit Cotton, which is just wonderful. These make cloths too soft for the dishes so they are washcloths, the best part you get 2 for each ball of cotton which is a great deal. The others are made with different bamboos - although I just realized the pink one has some acrylic in it, I'm not sure how that will work - we'll see. The mini cloth is my facial scrubbers. There is usually enough leftover from making a washcloth to get at least one or two of the mini cloths, they are great for night time cleansing rituals.
These are two I made for my MIL - the first is 'Gift of Time', I love the open lace middle - just a beauty of a cloth and would make any kitchen happy - this is also special enough to become a facecloth with the right cotton of course. The second is the 'Yarn Over Cable Cloth' and I have to say not only is it pretty but it is also one quick cloth to knit up, in just over an hour you'll have a pretty cloth to use in the kitchen or bath.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Vineyard

This cloth was so much fun to make and with only 2 repeats of the pattern it seems to knit up fairly quickly as well. I think the colour really suited the pattern. I'd like to try it in other colours as well. This one is for the dishcloth bundle I am knitting up for my mother-in-law to match her kithen colours.
NOTE: The link for the pattern doesn't work in Firefox you need to use Internet Explorer for it to open up, then there is a window on the sidebar, select Vignes(the first part is all in French, but don't worry they translated it into English at the bottom).
Happy Knitting
See it on Ravelry

Monday, April 06, 2009

Feeling Inspired

What do you do when you can't sleep and it's 2 a.m. and your DH is away for the night? Well read and discover new blogs of course! The only down side is I was reading on my blackberry in the dark so leaving comments wasn't possible - but I did find a couple of new blogs to read. I love to find blogs that inspire me to be more domestic. Ok, I do knit a little lot but I am not that domestic in other ways.

I love reading blogs with recipes and seeing beautiful decorating and craft ideas. When I'm bored of where to go next and I've read all the blogs I know about I start stalking looking at my friends blog lists and it never fails that I can find some great reads.

I stumbled upon a Friend to knit with and she is great to read - not only does she have her knitting to inspire me but great cookie recipes posted regularly and some sewing. Recently I've discovered a burning desire to start sewing again. I haven't sewn in years. I used to sew all the kids costumes and make them some outfits, not to mention barbie clothes - oh the barbie clothes!

Even though I didn't get to sleep until 3:30'ish thanks in part to my DD wandering around the house asking to switch loads in the laundry at 2am and discovering she'd been talking at the phone at 1:30 a.m. - then Oliver whom I love to death woke me up at 6:30. So considering that I think I was pretty domestic.

I went through and gathered all the recycling that had piled up over the cold months and hauled it away. I wish we had all the receptacles in one place. I had to drive to one spot for milk and it's not that close, there are paper recycling bins everywhere! Ok, then I gave the kitchen a good clean. I'm trying to maintain a clean stove top - I can't stand when the stove looks dirty and when the kids are in charge of dishes/clean up they barely do the dishes properly. I actually enjoyed the dish washing by hand and tidying. I put a loaf of multi grain bread in the bread maker and sat and did some knitting.

We are finally starting to see signs of spring and it's such a nice treat to have the windows open and get the fresh air inside. It really changes the outlook as the weather warms up. Now I have made plans to paint the kitchen. I want to go to a buttery yellow colour - then it will be new curtains and new linens for the table.

I just cast on for another dishcloth. I am making my MIL a half dozen cloths to give to her at Easter and this one really is quite pretty. I did make a small mod to it and only cast on 38 stitches as I think the cloth would be too big for me and my gauge with 53. So far I am really enjoying it. In the meantime I am working on this afghan as an anniversary gift for our 20th. The dishcloths help break up any monotony I may feel with a long term project like a knit afghan knit all in one piece(oh but the end will be so worth it when it comes time for finishing)! ;)

Now I am scouring the internet for Hot Cross Bun recipes and Easter egg decorating ideas. Tonight we are making homemade mac & cheese with a recipe given to me from my SIL - it's not so much a recipe as a 'basic how to' so I'm excited to try it. For some reason I've been craving this since yesterday. If it turns out I'll put up the recipe later this week.

On another note, we rented 'Marley & Me' and it was an awesome movie. The book, which I had started reading but haven't finished has much more detail of how much trouble Marley got into but they did a great job with the movie. I actually got the whole family to sit and watch it and that is saying something as usually one or both of the kids ditch us part way through.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Could have been a Wordless Wednesday

Taken on my way to work this morning. There was really slow traffic on Broadway Avenue. We were patient and waiting to see what the trouble was and as we waited first a big truck and then this minivan pictured here went up onto the sidewalk to get around the traffic problem.

It turns out a young girl had stalled - instead of asking if she needed assistance these 'men' decided to do something really stupid and drive along the sidewalk.

This is probably one of the stupidest things I've seen someone do - thank goodness for my cell phone camera - now I can share it with you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Restocking the Dishcloth Cupboard

This cloth is so quick and fun to make!

I followed the instructions to the 'T' in the red one and in the bright one(which is called Pink Lemonade) I did the edging a bit different to leave out the yo space around the edge.

I've given a lot of cloths away over the last year or so and I realized my supply needed a boost. I like dishcloths as they are great 'anywhere' projects, perfect for travelling and they are always useful.

Next I have to make DH a tea cozy for the lovely pottery teapot he got me. We have been enjoying some lovely loose Earl Grey in the evening!.