Friday, January 02, 2009

2008 Ends with a Bang

Well we got an Alberta Clipper yesterday evening(yes that's what the weather network referred to it as) apparently it came from Northern Alberta. Anyway it was a full on blizzard the other night, perfect for all the people out and about for New Year's Eve. Thankfully I wasn't one of them, although our DD got invited out to a sleepover so we had to drive across town in almost 'white out' conditions at time, talk about insane. Anyway she got there safe and sound and we got back home to a warm house and I was happy to stay inside.

This is me blowing the snow on New Year's Day - my sister wanted pictures of me blowing snow, isn't she mean? I guess she must be so jealous living on the West Coast and not getting to do this lovely task.

So I got all bundled up and did the snow blowing for my DH(hey maybe this was all part of his evil plan) and 2 hours later the driveway and back yard were snow free. There were drifts up to 2ft and we don't have a huge blower so it took some doing and redoing to get it all clear.

Now it's time for a nice cuppa of hot tea and a back massage - yes even with snow blowers there is some lifting - the blower doesn't move itself around when it's time to turn around again.


  1. Okay, I guess you don't want to hear that it's 75°F here today, do you?

    You kind of look chilly out there! But having fun, right??? No? Oh well, just four more months til spring.

    You can remind me how mean I am when you are nice and cool and I'm roasting my tail off here in Florida. Oh wait ... that would be today! :-) No, really ... when I'm in my fifth month of 90% humidity you can remind me how lovely Canada is in the summer.

  2. Look at you out there!! This weather is just crazy. The house just doesn't seem to get warm when it's this cold out. Brrr!

  3. We haven't used our blower yet this year. One of the reasons I wasn't thrilled about getting it; used it 3 times last year for an hour each time, and none so far this year. Seems a lot of money to spend for three hours "enjoyment" that would have taken more of us 6 hours total by hand. But we have it and I am sure it will come in handy sometime this year or next year. It is cold here though but seems it will warm up a bit next week.

  4. Your photo reminded me of when we lived in Cleveland, and our winters looked just like this! Back here in the UK we see maybe half an inch of snow a year (if that)! Stay warm and cosy!