Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm Back - Life has been crazy - knitting is keeping me sane!

This is one of the Dishcloth A Week - KAL. I had to try it after seeing this one at Tangled Up In Sticks and String. The only pink I had is what she used as well and it really had me wanting to make it.

Hats off to Grace from Lovin Comfort Knits for designing the pattern!! It was so easy to do and turns out so pretty. I made it in just a couple of hours while I watched t.v. The pattern consists of 4 rows but it's not boring and I kept wanting to do 'just one more row'.

However, I think it turns out too pretty for dishes so this is going to be a 'pamper yourself' washcloth.

Life has been hard lately and I haven't been around much. My Granny died on Sunday while I was visiting her. She was 93 and on Monday she had a stroke and from that time on she could barely communicate and was mostly unresponsive. So I am grateful that she is with God and at peace. She was ready to go, but I still am sad and miss her - she was a wonderful lady.

My DH is also away this week so life has been crazy busy - we've had tons of snow and I'm not a big fan of winter driving. It seems like the city can barely keep up with the snow on the roads. The boulevards are piled high and it's becoming a concern.

So knitting on some small projects like this beautiful cloth have helped me to pass the time and relax and to feel closer to my Granny, who was the one who taught me to knit!


  1. Pretty cloth and I'm so sorry about your Granny. :-(

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    I am glad you like the pattern and your cloth came out beautifully!!!,

    My word verification is artic, even blogger is feeling the chill

  3. I am so sorry to read about your granny. You honor her well with your beautiful knitting.

  4. So sorry to hear about your Granny :o( What a great gift she gave you in teaching you how to knit.

  5. That is really pretty - I might have to break my no cloth rule and make one for myself.

  6. I am sorry to hear about your Granny, and having lost my Grandmother at the same age (same way), I understand the feeling of lose. My grandmother was a knitter also and we all learned from her. Your memories will always be there, I still my grandmother and can hear her voice in my head as I knit sometimes.

    Don't you love just having everyone home when it's cold outside? Hang in there, spring is just 2 months away.

    I finished up the same cloth yesterday and loved the pattern. I really like the pink of yours! There's definitely something to be said for quick projects.

  7. The cloth looks wonderful and would be a great pamper washcloth. Sorry for your loss; I know there is never a right time to lose someone.

  8. I agree, it would make a lovely washcloth. So sorry to hear about your Grandma.