Thursday, January 29, 2009

My February Lady Sweater

Well the socks are on hold, I really didn't like the way she was teaching. I'm going to get going on that in the spring. But for now I am doing a KAL with my sister and it's the February Lady Sweater, 3770 people can't be wrong. That's how many people have made or are in the process of making it.

I am using Dream in Colour Classy - in the colour Good Luck Jade(380), it is lovely yarn that is so soft and beautifully hand painted.

Check my Ravelry page here and to see the pattern all knitted up you can go here, it's free even!


  1. The yarn looks gorgeous - I look forward to seeing how it turns out! There are so many lovely versions of this on Ravelry, it's hard not succumbing to temptation, but I know that I am too busty for this pattern!

  2. When I get frustrated with something, I put it away until a better time. I have finished projects after time, but I do have a bunch of unfinished ones as a consequence. Your new project looks nice and I am sure you will teach yourself how to do socks later.