Monday, January 26, 2009


Well as I mentioned I am taking a sock knitting class. I went to my first one last Thursday and I was a little unimpressed. The instructor has us knitting a pair of socks using a 'sock template'
pattern and it's quite subjective. I thought I would work better if I knew exactly what to do and when.

I'm going to try to continue with what she has instructed - but I am beginning to think that I should just get a book and teach myself. I have become comfortable with the double pointed needles so I should be able to learn if the book has some good diagrams - add to that the wonderful videos you can get on youtube and I should be set.

Can anyone recommend a good book on learning sock knitting?


  1. I learned on a simple sock pattern from Ann Norlin. I think it was just called stockinette sock.

    Of course, feel free to email me with any questions. I've made quite a few pair.

    I know sometimes it's easier to WATCH someone do something, but if you can easily do things from the written word,the Ann Norlin patterns are pretty self explanatory.

  2. There's a
    First sock group on Ravelry with links to sites and videos.

    I think you can definitely do this on your own! My biggest challenge is the picking up of stitches, it's where the lefthandness becomes a problem with how I Pick up stitches.