Thursday, February 19, 2009

My New Toy

This is my new friend, I just love it. I was one of those people who mocked all the high tech people with smart phones. I really couldn't see a reason for me to have more than my basic 'make a call' kind of cell phone. In fact my old cell phone didn't even have a camera, which seemed to be all the rage when I got mine 2 years ago.

What I really like about it is that I have a calendar with me wherever I am, I sat and wrote in birthdays and anniversaries for all our family members and the calendar will mark them as yearly, so I don't have to keep entering them, sweet. I never have to wonder what a recipe calls for again when I am at the store, that would drive me nuts.

Add to that the fact that I can check my emails, send emails, search the web, read blogs and anything I can do with my internet on my PC - it's friggin awesome! I signed up for Canadian Living Mobile - from that I get daily articles and recipes new each day with a touch of a button no matter where I am in Canada - well the States too, but the charge to surf the net in the U.S. on this is highly outrageous.

I was thrilled that they offer a $30 unlimited email/internet browsing package. From what I've heard that is one of the best Blackberry packages going in Canada - not to mention that BlackBerry is a Canadian product.

Both my DH and I have one so we can also messenger each other for free using the BlackBerry Messenger and like with other cell phone companies are calls to each other are always free. DH did sign up originally for text messaging but being as I am the only one he would message I think he will call to cancel it, why pay for it if he won't use it.

*Oh, on a side note my back is getting much better. Some good days of a heating pad have paid off well.


  1. OOooo pretty new phone! And glad to read you're feeling a bit better.

  2. Very nice. Our contract is up sometime this year, and Sirdar is talking about getting something different. J just got a new phone the other day and is texting. She has my 5 and unlimited texting. She is paying for it herself so I don't really care. I have not mastered any of the fancy stuff, but if I were to get a fancy toy, I would have to sit down and learn the ins and outs. Congrats on the new toy and I am glad your back is feeling better. It sounds like it was bad.

    I have made that soup before. It is good, and I even ate it for 2 meals a day and lost weight on it, but I eventually lost interest in eating it and wanted french fries ;-) .

  3. oh I want one! I think you can twitter with it too! lol