Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crocheting For Charity

This is a WIP that I am doing up for our Church knitting/crocheting group. They donate blankets wherever there is need.

I wanted to make a green/blue combo and it looks a lot like different shades of water so I named it 'Come to the Water', just for Easter. My plan is to have it ready before Easter.

It is currently 38" wide - I will have to add some border to give it more length, I was hoping for 40 x 60 in total size. It's already 22" long.

I'm using SusanB's Ripple pattern and it's quite quick to work up, I just started it this Sunday. I don't do as much crochet as I used to but I still love the look of the ripple.


  1. Very pretty and I love the name!

  2. I have seen this pattern and think it will be my next one. Doesn't it make you feel good to knit for someone that you know will appreciate the warmth? Happy Crocheting!