Sunday, March 08, 2009

February Finished

All finished after a few mishaps here and there. I almost had to frog it all when I messed up starting the sleeve. Thankfully I left it alone for a few days and when I went back to knit it I realized I could fix my mistake and move on. So today I got to wear my sweater for the first time.

So far it's the best sweater I've made, the fit is perfect and it's so pretty. I am definitely making another one, I'll be using Cascade Hand Dipped Dyed in Red Dip. I've wanted a red sweater since I started knitting and the yarn suits this project.

Next on the needles either Hemlock or Granny's favorite. I want to make an anniversary afghan for me and DH. I am nervous about starting Hemlock but equally as nervous about blocking it as I don't have a lot of 'pet free' areas in the house that I can leave something sit for a long time. I have some nice Baby Pink Heather in Cascade that I've got lined up for this project.

I'm also making my lil sis a FLS in LionBrand Cottonease, Hazlenut as a 'just because' gift. I also want to make my mom one, not sure of colour yet. I am choosing cotton or acrylic for ease of care for them. They aren't big into wool. I prefer knitting with cotton to acrylic so they might both get one in cotton. It will also make a nice light garment.


  1. I wanted to make mine in cotton too, but JoAnns didn't have enough in any one dye lot. So, I chose WoolEase instead.

    I may be looking to you for advice. Your's turned out beautiful.

  2. Came out great. I like the color b/c it looks like you can wear it with almost anything.

  3. lovely sweater, its on my to do list

  4. Congratulations on a job well-done!