Friday, April 17, 2009

5 Things

Grace tagged me with this Friday Meme
Friday's Question.....
If you had all the money in the world what 5 things would you do first with your money?
  • Pay off all our debts, mortgage etc. and help any family members do the same. Making sure my kids were set - buying my sister a House and a car, putting AC in my in-law's home and giving them money for whatever they need/want.
  • Select a village in need and foster-care for it until it was able to be independent. The dream would be to do many of these projects and raise funds of which 100% would all go toward the villages in need.
  • Create affordable housing by purchasing homes in older neighborhoods and get plans in motion to create a trust fund to fund the renovations - these homes would be offered to low-income working families who would pay a reduced mortgage and eventually own the home out right.
  • Buy a home in Lakeview(a nice area of my city) as well as build a log cabin nestled in the interior of Beautiful British Columbia. It would feature a loft bedroom, large kitchen that opened up to a big living room with fireplace. I'd love the furniture to also be made out of logs to give it a rustic appeal - the stove would be antique looking(I love the look of old stoves) - nice big porch in front and back to sit and drink my morning tea and knit - a nice big fenced area for Oliver to run and play, maybe with his friend Piper if we ever get him a new pup to play with.
  • Travel - oh to travel! There are so many places I'd love to go - I'd love to have vacation homes in my favorite places such as Tuscany, England, Ireland, Hawaii(perhaps - or somewhere tropical). I'd travel and shop for wool all over the world to bring back to sit on my porch with and knit, knit and knit!
  • Shop - I have to add shop, for new clothes, shoes and of course yarn and new furnishings for the homes listed above - maybe a makeover!
Oh - it is so fun to dream isn't it!

NOW your turn to answer the question I am going to choose 4 people ..YOU CAN CHOOSE how many people you want to do this. ~I have a hard time remembering who likes/doesn't like to do meme's, if you want to play along leave a comment and I'll pop by and see your list!

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  1. soul sisters, our cabins could be in the same neighborhood!