Monday, April 06, 2009

Feeling Inspired

What do you do when you can't sleep and it's 2 a.m. and your DH is away for the night? Well read and discover new blogs of course! The only down side is I was reading on my blackberry in the dark so leaving comments wasn't possible - but I did find a couple of new blogs to read. I love to find blogs that inspire me to be more domestic. Ok, I do knit a little lot but I am not that domestic in other ways.

I love reading blogs with recipes and seeing beautiful decorating and craft ideas. When I'm bored of where to go next and I've read all the blogs I know about I start stalking looking at my friends blog lists and it never fails that I can find some great reads.

I stumbled upon a Friend to knit with and she is great to read - not only does she have her knitting to inspire me but great cookie recipes posted regularly and some sewing. Recently I've discovered a burning desire to start sewing again. I haven't sewn in years. I used to sew all the kids costumes and make them some outfits, not to mention barbie clothes - oh the barbie clothes!

Even though I didn't get to sleep until 3:30'ish thanks in part to my DD wandering around the house asking to switch loads in the laundry at 2am and discovering she'd been talking at the phone at 1:30 a.m. - then Oliver whom I love to death woke me up at 6:30. So considering that I think I was pretty domestic.

I went through and gathered all the recycling that had piled up over the cold months and hauled it away. I wish we had all the receptacles in one place. I had to drive to one spot for milk and it's not that close, there are paper recycling bins everywhere! Ok, then I gave the kitchen a good clean. I'm trying to maintain a clean stove top - I can't stand when the stove looks dirty and when the kids are in charge of dishes/clean up they barely do the dishes properly. I actually enjoyed the dish washing by hand and tidying. I put a loaf of multi grain bread in the bread maker and sat and did some knitting.

We are finally starting to see signs of spring and it's such a nice treat to have the windows open and get the fresh air inside. It really changes the outlook as the weather warms up. Now I have made plans to paint the kitchen. I want to go to a buttery yellow colour - then it will be new curtains and new linens for the table.

I just cast on for another dishcloth. I am making my MIL a half dozen cloths to give to her at Easter and this one really is quite pretty. I did make a small mod to it and only cast on 38 stitches as I think the cloth would be too big for me and my gauge with 53. So far I am really enjoying it. In the meantime I am working on this afghan as an anniversary gift for our 20th. The dishcloths help break up any monotony I may feel with a long term project like a knit afghan knit all in one piece(oh but the end will be so worth it when it comes time for finishing)! ;)

Now I am scouring the internet for Hot Cross Bun recipes and Easter egg decorating ideas. Tonight we are making homemade mac & cheese with a recipe given to me from my SIL - it's not so much a recipe as a 'basic how to' so I'm excited to try it. For some reason I've been craving this since yesterday. If it turns out I'll put up the recipe later this week.

On another note, we rented 'Marley & Me' and it was an awesome movie. The book, which I had started reading but haven't finished has much more detail of how much trouble Marley got into but they did a great job with the movie. I actually got the whole family to sit and watch it and that is saying something as usually one or both of the kids ditch us part way through.

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  1. I've been wanting to see Marley & Me for quite some time now. Come to think of it, there's a number of movies I want to see but just haven't taken the time to do. Maybe in the summer I'll hit a lot of matinees to get caught up.