Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Ramblings

DH is home sick today - it seems that our DD had that lasted over 3 weeks hit him, not good as it's a busy work week for him. Thankfully he was able to stay home in bed today and look who HAD to join him, that's right - Oliver. It looks to me like he really didn't have to do much to get Oliver to snuggle with him in the big bed. He looks like he is in doggy heaven.

It almost makes me forget how he dove at my bowl of apple crisp last night - almost!

So I had a quiet lunch in the park. Well it's too cool to eat outside yet but I ran and got a Timmie's sandwich and a cool Iced Cap and sat and listened to an audio book(Sense and Sensibility) and did some knitting. The geese are out and about, a good sign spring is here. Lucky geese, I didn't finish my sandwich and I shared the rest of my bread with them. They seemed to really enjoy it. They were really cautious at first but once the realized I had tossed some bread out they made sure to enjoy it. Well, except for a few crumbs - they left some small crumbs that Ms. Sparrow thought were just her size and she cleaned up the rest. I wasn't expecting her visit so there are no pictures but she sure looked cute eating up the leftover crumbs.


  1. That was very generous of you. The geese look very appreciative.

    So, Timmies? Is that Tim Horton's?

  2. Sounds like a perfect break from tending to a sick hubby! (At least, that's what it would be for me if my DH was home sick...)