Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pampering the Kitchen & Bath

These are some of my bath pampering washcloths. The top one is the Not Your Average Washcloth, the pattern is in the 100 One Skein Wonders book. It calls for using Rowan Handknit Cotton, which is just wonderful. These make cloths too soft for the dishes so they are washcloths, the best part you get 2 for each ball of cotton which is a great deal. The others are made with different bamboos - although I just realized the pink one has some acrylic in it, I'm not sure how that will work - we'll see. The mini cloth is my facial scrubbers. There is usually enough leftover from making a washcloth to get at least one or two of the mini cloths, they are great for night time cleansing rituals.
These are two I made for my MIL - the first is 'Gift of Time', I love the open lace middle - just a beauty of a cloth and would make any kitchen happy - this is also special enough to become a facecloth with the right cotton of course. The second is the 'Yarn Over Cable Cloth' and I have to say not only is it pretty but it is also one quick cloth to knit up, in just over an hour you'll have a pretty cloth to use in the kitchen or bath.


  1. Love that last one.

    I also love what it is they were on when they were photographed. Looks like a wedding dress. LOL