Thursday, April 23, 2009

Swap Treasures

I was recently in a swap with Grace from Lovin Comfort Knits - she had so many goodies in the package. There was Jersey Girl chocolate bars(to die for)!, 2 teas(one bagged, one loose), Peach candies, calendar, a novel, two knitting pattern - the cozy one is amazing, stitch markers a few little freebies and of course 2 skeins of my absolute favorite dishcloth cotton - Peaches and Cream. The one colour Fiesta Ombre I have never had before so it was quite a treat.

Grace is a very talented knitter and she works a lot on designing shawls - I have to get the pattern and yarn as soon as I am off my 'yarn diet'! Pop by and see all her beautiful knitting - she has some free patterns available as well on her blog.

Then there were the cloths that she made me - so beautiful and she made me four!This one is Beeeeutiful! I love bees(well not real ones), but my name actually means 'Honeybee' so I thought this was quite special and of course it's in yellow which is my favorite kitchen colour. I'm about to paint my kitchen this spring, in you guessed it yellow.

A cute pink flower - a nice peachy pink.

A tulip - I love tulips, one of my favorite flowers!

And last but not least a green starfish!

Thanks so much Grace, it was so much fun swapping with you. I enjoyed putting together your swap parcel, it was so much fun!


  1. I am so glad you liked yours as much as I liked mine!!! Enjoy your goodies!

  2. Grace is such a sweetheart. She made you a very nice package.

    Enjoy all the goodies.

  3. I just looked up my real name...I'm also a Bee.

    You are a Greek Honeybee.

    I am a Hebrew Bee.

  4. I hopr you are okay we haven't seen anything from you in a while!!