Thursday, May 06, 2010

She's Just Seventeen!

I'm borrowing this from last year - my hopes and dreams for my DD are still the same - I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Today is my DD's Seventeenth birthday - there she is on the left in the purple dress. This was taken when she was 3 months old!
It hardly seems like it's been 16 years already!
She is a very extroverted girl with a flair for the dramatics.
From the time in the hospital when I was holding her and she was already holding her own head up - it's true! I knew she could always handle herself. She's a leader a take charge kind of girl and of course it causes some friction - she's a teen growing into her own maturity and independence. She's a 'big idea' person - planning huge events, nothing ever seems impossible to her.

From the time she started walking at 9 months she made sure everyone in the family knew she was there. We were intrigued with this tiny babe shaking her fist at her brother and acting like a fish wife when she didn't get her turn on the chalkboard.

She came into this world right on schedule at a healthy 7lbs 6oz and almost completely bald. I wondered when she'd ever get hair that I could play with! And then did I! I would sit while she watched Sesame Street and braid her hair and spend hours curling it to no avail - it's poker straight like her dad's and that's what it likes best so a curl lasts all of five minutes and falls flat again. But it didn't stop us from trying and trying and trying. We spent many hours on her hair. She must have taken a liking to hairdressing at some point as about a week before she was to be the flower girl for my SIL's wedding she got into the scissors and cut her bangs right to the root. Thankfully we had an amazing hairdresser and we managed to have her looking cute as a button for the special day!

She didn't want to grow up - I still remember when she was five and her Dad and I were trying to start teaching her to read and she was adamant that she wasn't going to learn. We didn't understand this as our son was a huge reader and reading since he was around 4. When we questioned her further she simply said "I don't want to be big and if I read I will grow up"! Funny how she made that connection as from a parent's perspective once they enter school it seems like they grow up overnight.

Today is her special day and I wish her all the happiness and joy she deserves!



  1. wishing your daughter the happiest of birthdays!!

  2. Happy 16th to your DD!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! What a beautiful tribute to her.

  4. That is just the sweetest story!

  5. Happy birthday to your daughter. They do grow up so fast. Our youngest has a flair for the dramatic and got to play that out in dance this year. I have a photo of her on my post from yesterday, in her hyena make up. She also has resisted learning for the same reason. My one sister was the same; very independent but not wanting to grow up, always fighting the internal battle between the two. I hope you all had a great birthday together.