Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Holidays Begin

Well it's my official first day of holidays. It started off great. I slept in until 10am, feel really refreshed. Hopefully I'll have more time to post now. We have no official plans this year so it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere now.

DH is off to take his MIL to the hospital to visit his Dad and then he's getting groceries.

Meanwhile Oliver and I decided a morning walk was in order. What better way to walk than head to PetSmart and get him some rawhides and a nice bone to chew on.

Here he is on the way back, some of those weeds must have smelled really good to him. He just had to stop and roll around in them. I'm thinking they must be really stinky!

He couldn't wait to get home and have me open up a new bag of rawhides - he's just like a little kid with a bag of candy.

1 comment:

  1. awwwww.. my guess is dead earthworms. I remember how my dog loved to roll in them.