Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knitting On

I am slowly getting my knitting mojo back. This is my second Christmas project so far - I am making it for my Mom for Christmas. It's the Very Easy Ripple Shawl by LionBrand. I substituted the yarn they requested with their cottonease. It's a very soft shawl, I think she'll really enjoy it. One of her favorite colours is red. And yes the shawl is draped on my new cozy wonderful it is!!! The arms even open up and reveal storage, a great place to keep notions and other things while I knit. This is my new knitting spot, I can't even remember if I showed it yet on here or not. DH was away in June and I went to look at recliners and I fell in love with this one and ordered it. This is the first larger item I've purchased without his input.

The second one is a table runner for my Inlaws for their Christmas gift. Their kitchen is in sage green colours. This is the Scalloped table runner and I am using Mouzakis Butterfly Super 10 for it.

I don't think I am going to do a lot of Christmas knitting this year. I did a ton last year and I was knitting slippers right up until Christmas eve. Instead I've chosen a couple of recipients and I can take my time to knit. I also have a throw to continue on for my DH and I. It was too hot to work on a wool throw through the summer but I want to get that completed. Unfortunately it's not the Jared Flood one I started out with but it's a very nice ripple and it looks so beautiful that I think I am ok with the change.

I think today will be a 'knit day', I am finding myself more drawn to knit as it feels more and more like fall here. Next Tuesday school is back and that always ends summer for me. Thankfully I am still off all next week so I can maybe get some quiet knitting time in while everyone resumes their normal routines :)!


  1. Gosh both of your projects are lovely, they really are pretty, I haven't had time to knit a single stitch yet today, off to do that now!

  2. I love your new stitching chair. It looks very comfy!

    Even though I don't really have a kid in school (unless you count going for your MBA --- but he does live at home AND technically goes to school LOL) ---I still feel like September starts a much more scheduled time of the year.

    I get a lot more done!

  3. That red throw it gorgeous....and red it my favorite too, I just may have to do that one!