Wednesday, September 09, 2009

An Image of Procastination

Nice snowman mug hey? Well I tend to prefer a larger mug, especially when I'm drinking my own pot of special decaf tea. So around December last year I dug this out and began to use it. It's really a nice sized mug. I liked using it so much that I continued using it all winter, after all it was 'winter' themed and not specifically a Christmas mug. So I used it and then the winter slowly turned into spring and yet I was still using this mug!

I told myself I'd find a spring replacement, I wanted a nice bright mug. I'm thinking a nice striped one like they use on 2 1/2 Men or something similar. That never happened!

Now it's September and my thoughts are drifting to muffin making and simmering pots of stew and the lazy days of winter ahead so I can once again rationalize the use of Mr. Snowman. I'm curious to see if he'll be the holder of my tea next spring/summer as well.

So this is the perfect image of me and my procrastination. I do tend to procrastinate a tad, not with work - I'm super organized and efficient with my job, but leave me to my own projects and you'll find a big mess of disorganization. I have no idea why, I don't function well in it. I had to run to Staples yesterday for some office supplies and I made the first step in de-cluttering at home and it only cost me .79 cents. What you wonder could help that much? It's simple really a pack of dividers. My knitting patterns are getting away from me, they're everywhere even after I started with good intentions of storing them in binders and some in plastic sleeves. I was looking for a dishcloth pattern the other day and I was so frustrated at it all that I didn't even get one started. So my mission now is to organize my knitting in a nice big binder by category and to start getting the patterns all into their own protective plastic sleeve. In order to do that I have to stop being a procrastinator, I'll keep you posted. Maybe I can do before and after pictures - yes, I think I will!


  1. Ahhhh procrastination is my middle name

  2. The little snowman is adorable! He deserves to be out all year.

    Do a big project dump like I did. Once it's all over the living room floor you have to get it cleaned up, right?