Friday, October 30, 2009

All Grown Up?

Isn't my little ghost cute? One of the ladies made these this morning and was handing them out. I had to find a perfect place for him. What a cute way to hand out lollipops on Halloween.

So the question is, how to you celebrate Halloween? For the last few years it seems I've "grown up". What does that mean, well no Halloween costume and some of the excitement that I used to get for this little holiday had subsided.

I had a dream last night that we were going to a Halloween party last minute. So I was scrambling to find a costume and I had to keep trying different ideas before I got one. Now I can't remember what I had finally chose but, I did feel some excitement about the whole idea of going out and celebrating. Now I know the dream probably means that there is something I'm unprepared for, but.....I got the feeling back of wanting to enjoy the holiday. The question remains how.

For years we dressed up every year. When we took the kids out trick or treating, we had a blast! It was so much fun, designing and planning costumes. We'd often get treats especially for us. I think everyone got a kick out of it. Then what happens, the kids get older and suddenly I'm not dressing up and eventually I lose my excited feeling for it. We even bought a ceramic jack-o-lantern so there is no more pumpkin carving either.

Now I know I want to do something but what? We have some good classic movies taped including the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Haunting(not sure the year, but it's in B & W) - and that sounds fun. I wish we had a more lively night scene, there is just nothing going on. The choices are pretty limited and mainly include going to the bar, this is no longer my scene. I'd love to go dancing or to a special Halloween Flick. There isn't much point in getting dressed up to sit in the house and watch t.v.


  1. We have pumpkin lights outside on the topiary by the dining room window.

    A spooky carnivorous plant hangs by the door.

    We'll hand out candy tomorrow night to all the little (and not so little) kids --- but no dressing up (I'm not very creative) and no real jack-o-lantern (too hot and humid -- they get all moldy too quick).

  2. Light the ceramic jackolatern and put on "The Others" while cuddling with your guy.

  3. I'm with you..we are even going out tonight to a Halloween party, costume optional and it's 330pm and I haven't decided yet whether to raid the kids's costumes. Got my candy ready to go though. Now I have to go get my ceramic pumpkin!

  4. Love it, thats sooo cute..hoping to visit more again..i miss my blogging friends