Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Here are my Jam Jam`s - just like Granny used to make! My mom gave me a little tip that I had never tried before, chilling the dough. This is a very soft dough. I made the dough yesterday evening and made the cookies tonight, wow what a fabulous difference it made! Usually I am pulling my hair out from the dough sticking to the table.

I think these will be a big hit! I`m taking some tomorrow to share with the Friday group and I have some set aside for DH and DD when they get home this evening. The rest will be tucked away in the freezer until needed. I`m very good about tucking stuff away.

I linked this recipe in my earlier Macaroon post - my sister has it up in case you want to try them. They are the best sandwich cookie, hands down!

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