Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Restocking the Dishcloth Cupboard

This cloth is so quick and fun to make!

I followed the instructions to the 'T' in the red one and in the bright one(which is called Pink Lemonade) I did the edging a bit different to leave out the yo space around the edge.

I've given a lot of cloths away over the last year or so and I realized my supply needed a boost. I like dishcloths as they are great 'anywhere' projects, perfect for travelling and they are always useful.

Next I have to make DH a tea cozy for the lovely pottery teapot he got me. We have been enjoying some lovely loose Earl Grey in the evening!.

Monday, March 23, 2009

4 dead, 8 wounded in two roadside bomb incidents (Leader-Post, 21 Mar 2009, Page A1)

4 dead, 8 wounded in two roadside bomb incidents
By MATTHEW FISHER Canwest News Service
21 Mar 2009

KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan — Four Canadian soldiers, only days away from returning home from Afghanistan, were killed and eight of their comrades were injured shortly after dawn while participating in Canada’s largest combat operation since more...

In Extremely BAD Taste!!

Read my post above, how horrible the timing was for this extremely rude news cast - we just lost another 4 good soldiers in a war we didn't start. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Crocheting For Charity

This is a WIP that I am doing up for our Church knitting/crocheting group. They donate blankets wherever there is need.

I wanted to make a green/blue combo and it looks a lot like different shades of water so I named it 'Come to the Water', just for Easter. My plan is to have it ready before Easter.

It is currently 38" wide - I will have to add some border to give it more length, I was hoping for 40 x 60 in total size. It's already 22" long.

I'm using SusanB's Ripple pattern and it's quite quick to work up, I just started it this Sunday. I don't do as much crochet as I used to but I still love the look of the ripple.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

I normally go through the motions of life and I don't really take the time to make small things special, well aside from family gatherings.

I'm alone this weekend, my DH is off at his spiritual director training. When I'm alone I tend to do weird things like not want to eat or do much. I'm weird when I'm alone. I never had that 'me' time in my life. I went from living with my mom to my DH so I like to have company.

This morning I woke up after very few hours of sleep due to the comings and goings and activities of our kids. Both were wandering around until well after 2am. Needless to say I thought I'd wake up very grumpy when at 6:49a.m. Mr. Oliver decided it was a good time to wake up! I love that dog to death, but I was doggone tired.

Instead we went out for the usual morning routine and I was blown away by how nice it is outside. After the wicked winter we've had it's quite a joy to step outside and feel the warm spring air and see the frozen over puddles from yesterday's thaw.

Then I had an idea I could make my morning special even if it was just Oliver and I. I set about making tea in my beautiful new pottery teapot that I got at a silent auction a few weekends back(thanks DH) - I had started bidding but I had only taken my little clutch with a few necesseties, no credit card.

So I had the tea brewing in my beautiful teapot and I climbed up into the 'china cupboard' and took down a cereal bowl and a teacup and saucer, the china was given to me by my late Granny when she moved out of her house years ago. What better way to start the day than enjoying breakfast on china. As I was alone I grabbed my copy of Emma by Jane Austen and devoured the words as much as the cereal and tea.

Why is it that tea tastes better in a china cup? I've got oodles of china teacups. I went through a stage of collecting china cups and I received many beautiful cups as gifts and they sit up in a cupboard barely looked at. Instead I tend to gravitate to the ordinary.

What I learned today is that it's worth it to take time to enjoy the special things like china and sitting down at the table and eating rather than wolfing down something watching t.v. Something that seemed so small at first was such a beautiful way to start the day and it was just enough to lift my sleepy self's spirits!

Oh you know you want to see my teapot, so here it is!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

February Finished

All finished after a few mishaps here and there. I almost had to frog it all when I messed up starting the sleeve. Thankfully I left it alone for a few days and when I went back to knit it I realized I could fix my mistake and move on. So today I got to wear my sweater for the first time.

So far it's the best sweater I've made, the fit is perfect and it's so pretty. I am definitely making another one, I'll be using Cascade Hand Dipped Dyed in Red Dip. I've wanted a red sweater since I started knitting and the yarn suits this project.

Next on the needles either Hemlock or Granny's favorite. I want to make an anniversary afghan for me and DH. I am nervous about starting Hemlock but equally as nervous about blocking it as I don't have a lot of 'pet free' areas in the house that I can leave something sit for a long time. I have some nice Baby Pink Heather in Cascade that I've got lined up for this project.

I'm also making my lil sis a FLS in LionBrand Cottonease, Hazlenut as a 'just because' gift. I also want to make my mom one, not sure of colour yet. I am choosing cotton or acrylic for ease of care for them. They aren't big into wool. I prefer knitting with cotton to acrylic so they might both get one in cotton. It will also make a nice light garment.