Monday, July 06, 2009

My Serenity Spot

Shhhhhhh, this is my quiet spot. Well not really that quiet, Oliver joins us out here for our evening tea. We've taken to taking our evening tea outdoors and the backyard is getting more and more beautiful. DH added another flowerbed next to our sitting spot and I just love it. We'll be doing the other side next summer(need more plants).

It has become a spot to sit and sip tea, listen to stories, chat, knit, play with the dog or on some occasions have a light nap.

I'm trying to take the time to enjoy the yard this year. I am not usually a huge outdoor person. I've got issues with bugs that usually prevent me from enjoying the beauty of nature. This year I just decided to get out there.

We've had an interesting visitor the last two evenings, well more than one actually. See behind our chairs is a birdbath. We got it because 1. It looked beautiful and 2. To attract birds to the yard. But what we discovered the other day is that we have attracted honeybees. Yes they come alone at least 3 per evening and they head straight for the birdbath and stop and have a drink. I am not sure where they're coming from but they pardon the pun, make a bee line for the water so they have obviously communicated it amongst each other. They don't cause any problems, they have their drink and then they're off.

Just some small things you miss if you sit indoors all summer breathing in recirculated AC air - I'm glad I'm taking the time to enjoy these short summer months.