Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Knitting & Other Nonsense

I am currently knitting my DD a two tone ribbed shrug. I had bought the yarn last summer while I was visiting my sister in Vancouver. I used Cascade 220 in Blue Velvet for the MC and Cherise for the CC. At the time I thought I'd get around to knitting it for her for Christmas, but as usual I had taken on much more than I could possibly accomplish so it got put on the back burner. Since I am on a yarn diet I decided to go stash diving and when I saw the yarn for her project I thought I should finally knit it. She stumbled upon me during a quiet knitting time and I couldn't think fast enough when she asked what I was working on, so she now knows it's for her and what it is. The good news is that she loves the shrug and the colours I chose it's too bad I couldn't have surprised her with it. I am about 75% done and I aim to have it done by the weekend. I'll post finished pics soon.

In other knitting news I am thinking of making this it looks perfect for the fall/winter. The question remains what colour. I am on a yarn diet so I had thought of using my cascade red dipped for it but I'm thinking more practical now. Perhaps a nice grey or cream would be nice to go with more outfits.

Yes, the weather is now starting to make me think of fall. Even though we've had some nice temps during the day the air still has the fall type feel to it and it's now getting dark by 8:30 p.m. I have to say that's one of my least favorite things is the shortened daylight hours! It's hard to get out of bed when it's dark and by 8pm I'm thinking it's time to go to sleep...lol!

I made a fresh loaf of bread yesterday, has anyone else noticed how expensive bread is getting? I hear the crops aren't great here again so I imagine we'll have more increases in this yet again. I just about died at the price of flour! Even though it is outrageous it still has to be cheaper than buying bread, plus mmmmmmm fresh bread is the best!

I'll end with a funny quote from my DD - 'From the Mouths of Teenagers'.
"Mom, do you and dad actually make your bed EVERY day?"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Knitting On

I am slowly getting my knitting mojo back. This is my second Christmas project so far - I am making it for my Mom for Christmas. It's the Very Easy Ripple Shawl by LionBrand. I substituted the yarn they requested with their cottonease. It's a very soft shawl, I think she'll really enjoy it. One of her favorite colours is red. And yes the shawl is draped on my new cozy recliner.....how wonderful it is!!! The arms even open up and reveal storage, a great place to keep notions and other things while I knit. This is my new knitting spot, I can't even remember if I showed it yet on here or not. DH was away in June and I went to look at recliners and I fell in love with this one and ordered it. This is the first larger item I've purchased without his input.

The second one is a table runner for my Inlaws for their Christmas gift. Their kitchen is in sage green colours. This is the Scalloped table runner and I am using Mouzakis Butterfly Super 10 for it.

I don't think I am going to do a lot of Christmas knitting this year. I did a ton last year and I was knitting slippers right up until Christmas eve. Instead I've chosen a couple of recipients and I can take my time to knit. I also have a throw to continue on for my DH and I. It was too hot to work on a wool throw through the summer but I want to get that completed. Unfortunately it's not the Jared Flood one I started out with but it's a very nice ripple and it looks so beautiful that I think I am ok with the change.

I think today will be a 'knit day', I am finding myself more drawn to knit as it feels more and more like fall here. Next Tuesday school is back and that always ends summer for me. Thankfully I am still off all next week so I can maybe get some quiet knitting time in while everyone resumes their normal routines :)!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's Up

Today is baking day! I'm baking Pineapple Upside Down Cake, one of my absolute fav's! I don't do a lot of baking but since I am on holiday I thought I'd do some weekday baking.

Yesterday was the dreaded cleaning day. I had to clean out the fridge. Lucky me, I found a spill under the fridge that appeared to be molasses! So now the fridge was cleaned inside and out and even under so it's ready for Fall.

On Sunday we realized our washer isn't working, great! It's three years old and has been running just fine, no odd sounds or anything odd occurring. It's probably some stupid computer chip that went. It's a front load washer and I absolutely adore it. The last time we had to call a repair technician out for our stove for a simple dial that stopped working for a burner it was $250, seriously it was almost half the price of the stove brand new - just ridiculous. It wouldn't really pay to fix it again could get a new one for the cost of 2 repair jobs - sheesh! And they wonder why the landfills fill up, we live in a disposable world.

Back to school starts a week from today - and it seems to have my DD on extra edge. So that's been a joy to deal with. I'm hoping she gets under control soon! I think this year she will ride the school bus and maybe that will lessen some of our morning stress with her.

I just went online to the library and put some books on hold - I was going to reserve the Time Traveler's Wife but my line in queue was 102!!! I guess I'll be buying the paperback instead. I don't have the patience to wait that long for a book. I try to be ahead of the game with authors I read regularly - as soon as a book comes out that I know I want I try to get my name on the list before it's released or very soon after to prevent the long waits. I don't re-read a lot of books so buying them seems to be a waste.

Summer - where have you been? I don't know what kind of summer you are all having but ours has been very cool - temperature wise that is....! We've only had a very few HOT days and we've barely needed to use the A/C. That will be great for the power bill but considering soon we'll be needing to use the furnace it's a bit of a let down.

Off to bake!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Holidays Begin

Well it's my official first day of holidays. It started off great. I slept in until 10am, feel really refreshed. Hopefully I'll have more time to post now. We have no official plans this year so it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere now.

DH is off to take his MIL to the hospital to visit his Dad and then he's getting groceries.

Meanwhile Oliver and I decided a morning walk was in order. What better way to walk than head to PetSmart and get him some rawhides and a nice bone to chew on.

Here he is on the way back, some of those weeds must have smelled really good to him. He just had to stop and roll around in them. I'm thinking they must be really stinky!

He couldn't wait to get home and have me open up a new bag of rawhides - he's just like a little kid with a bag of candy.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sister Knitting

Just finished up some 'sister knitting'. This is a surprise gift for my lil sister. She loves the brown earthy tones. This is LionBrand CottonEase in Hazelenut. Since she'll be getting it in the warmer months I've decided to give it short sleeves, also I think it will suit her style more!

The second picture shows the colour more accurately but the first one has the full effect with the buttons sewn on.