Monday, September 28, 2009

Dishcloth Bouquet

I decided to find a use for my teapot flower pot - it loves holding my completed dishcloths!

Knitting was good on the weekend. I finished two more dishcloths and did a bit of work on a table runner that I am knitting for my in law's and then I got my throw that I'm making for DH and myself out of the plastic storage bin(keeping it moth free) and began working on it again. I got about half way before it was just getting too hot to knit a wool blanket and it got tucked away. This morning I started my day with morning knitting. I'm trying to make this a regular thing. I plan on actually setting the alarm clock for a half hour earlier to accommodate it. I find life is much easier to deal with if I've had that quiet time. It's really peaceful, a wonderful way to start the day. Today I was working on our throw and I'm really liking how it's turning out. I've never had a hand knit wool blanket before. I don't know how practical it will be to have one but it looks nice and it will be nice and warm. I'm only going to bring it out when the pooch is in bed for the night - I don't want it getting snagged or full of pet hair.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Lizard and Yellow Ripple Ombre

This lizard lattice cloth is so quick and easy. I started it after supper and in just a couple of hours it was done. The pattern is really easy. It can be found on Ravelry for free.

The second one is an ol' standby for me and it's the Feather and Fan dishcloth, it is also available for free at the dishcloth boutique.

Some nice passing time while watching t.v. knitting is very soothing. I just finished my mom's shawl. I'll post some pictures on the weekend - I still have to weave in ends. Only one more WIP started so far for Christmas knitting, although I am thinking of doing another beret for my DD.

We're meeting my DS's live-in-girlfriend's parent's tonight. His girlfriend is taking her family and our family out for Chinese food. I'm excited to meet them. Although I don't agree how fast these two got together or that they live together I really think she's a great girl. She has huge goals in life and will be going back to university after taking one semester off after her first year, she soon realized she'd rather be getting an education than working at some generic job. I'm hoping she inspires our DS to go to university.

Happy Knitting!

Friday, September 11, 2009

OverNight Cinnamon Buns

These were what I woke up to this morning, well I baked them this a.m. while I sat at the kitchen table and knit and sipped tea, how lovely!

I will definitely be making these again. All the prep work was done last night and they sat in the fridge overnight waiting to be baked this morning. This would be a wonderful addition to a holiday morning brunch menu.

If you are curious for the recipe you can email me at mrs_tea_mouse at hotmail dot com .

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

An Image of Procastination

Nice snowman mug hey? Well I tend to prefer a larger mug, especially when I'm drinking my own pot of special decaf tea. So around December last year I dug this out and began to use it. It's really a nice sized mug. I liked using it so much that I continued using it all winter, after all it was 'winter' themed and not specifically a Christmas mug. So I used it and then the winter slowly turned into spring and yet I was still using this mug!

I told myself I'd find a spring replacement, I wanted a nice bright mug. I'm thinking a nice striped one like they use on 2 1/2 Men or something similar. That never happened!

Now it's September and my thoughts are drifting to muffin making and simmering pots of stew and the lazy days of winter ahead so I can once again rationalize the use of Mr. Snowman. I'm curious to see if he'll be the holder of my tea next spring/summer as well.

So this is the perfect image of me and my procrastination. I do tend to procrastinate a tad, not with work - I'm super organized and efficient with my job, but leave me to my own projects and you'll find a big mess of disorganization. I have no idea why, I don't function well in it. I had to run to Staples yesterday for some office supplies and I made the first step in de-cluttering at home and it only cost me .79 cents. What you wonder could help that much? It's simple really a pack of dividers. My knitting patterns are getting away from me, they're everywhere even after I started with good intentions of storing them in binders and some in plastic sleeves. I was looking for a dishcloth pattern the other day and I was so frustrated at it all that I didn't even get one started. So my mission now is to organize my knitting in a nice big binder by category and to start getting the patterns all into their own protective plastic sleeve. In order to do that I have to stop being a procrastinator, I'll keep you posted. Maybe I can do before and after pictures - yes, I think I will!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Back away I'm Mr. Independent

One of the hardest things to do as a parent is watch your children make mistakes. When they're little you plug up the holes in all the electrical outlets and bubble wrap the furniture. Even then if they get an oweeeeee you can just put a bandaid on it and kiss it better, most of the time.

Then they get older and they go to school and you have to back off a bit. You can guide and teach but you can't make them study or do the book report or if they do it you can't make them hand it in. They are growing into their independence. Sometimes it's very hard to watch you just want to step in with the bubble wrap and make it all ok.

Then the next phase comes and it's not an easy one to handle as a parent. No amount of child proofing can help. It's the 'I'm an adult now and know what I'm doing' phase. After going through all the other childhood experiences I have to admit this is in all honesty the hardest!!!

This phase is a new one for me and I don't know how to deal with it. Our 20 yr old son has decided that after meeting a girl on FB this last winter and in person just at the end of July that he's ready to move in with her and play house. Not only that but he didn't even had the decency to tell us in a proper manner, instead it was an off hand remark at the end of a family bbq with a 'I'll be by to get the rest of my things'. So he's feeling like super grown up now - he's ready to take on the world and any qualms we may have have been pushed aside and poo pooed. He's angry that we haven't jumped up and down and said this is the best thing ever. Well I'm not going to as I don't think it is. I barely know the girl, he hasn't even given me the decency of telling me her last name. It seems like they are both wrapped up in each other and the rest of the world can just butt out.

So I'm moody and angry and a whole lot of other feelings and if I'm not blogging a lot it's because I really don't know what to say and I've probably said enough. This is my eldest and I really thought he was a different person and I'm shocked and saddened by his choices and lack of respect for his family.