Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Open Letter to my Elliptical and a FO

Dear Elliptical,

Why are you trying to kill me? I apologize sincerely for using you as a coat rack and holder of many miscellaneous items these past few months. I have seen you begging to be taken for a gentle stroll even if a brisk walk wasn't in order. Don't think your needs were going totally unnoticed, I was thinking about it almost daily and stuff kept coming up. Did you see all the craziness of the holidays? Did you notice that I was exhausted when I came home at night from work or that I only had a few hours to myself to be lazy and fart around on the computer - or how about the knitting....did you notice me knitting for gifts and embroidering as well? Don't take it so personally, it wasn't you it was me.

So now that I've made a good attempt to return to you and make sure you get daily or every-other-day attention - you punish me? I feel tricked by you! The first few times I took you for a walk you made me feel sooooooo good, I felt like no time had passed since we last walked a good brisk walk. Then yesterday BOOM, it was like you decided to let me have it for all the months of neglect. Within a few minutes of walking or actually running you let me have it. But dear Elliptical I persevered. That's right, despite the pain in my shins, hips and even my feet I kept moving and I know we will be over this spat soon as I will be visiting with you so regularly you will be begging me to give you a break!

Thanks for being there despite my lack of commitment, with you on my side I KNOW I can do this!

Your Exercise Pal

And now I can write in comfort with my new hand warmers - they are so cozy!


  1. Pretty, pretty wrist warmers!

  2. You are so funny - this needs to be published!

  3. Hope the two of you make it up soon! Love the wrist warmers by the way.

  4. Thanks for the compliment on the yard. We don't use the pool near as much as we should.

    This spring we are going to put hedges along the fence to hide it. It's not ours so we can't do anything about it's messy condition. The people that live there just rent. I doubt they are going to fix the fence. So, we'll hide it.

    Sorry to respond on the blog, but it seems your email is not in my address book anymore. It had a meltdown at Christmas and I lost about half the addresses in there. Windows Mail seems to do that. :-( I'm rebuilding my address book and keeping a back up on my hard drive in case it happens again.