Monday, February 08, 2010

The Success of a Sale

The sale was a success! We received many hand crafted items from people at the church. We made over $900.00 just from selling the treasures created by members of the community.

I made jars of bath salts, pictured here - as well as 17 dishcloths to sets of crocheted coasters(8 to a set) and my DH made homemade oatmeal - milk n' honey soap. All that was left of our items was this one jar of bath salts and one dishcloth.

Our church is helping an orphans in Kenya so that they can remain on their family property while getting an education and being able to support themselves with garden plots etc.

I've been wanting to try making bath salts for some time and they are so much fun. Next I'm going to make some bath bombs.


  1. Congratulations on the sale (and for SUCH a good cause).

    Now you deserve to run a nice hot tub and use some of your leftover salts.