Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friendship Shawl

A friend and co-worker asked our church knitting group to knit shawls for the senior's that get weekly visits. They will also be given to those struggling with illness or the loss of a loved one. At first the group didn't seem very receptive, however I loved the idea. I dug out some Bernat Satin that I had left over from an earlier UFO and got started on the Friendship Shawl. I'm using 5mm needles instead of 6mm as the yarn is not bulky. The shawl is so quick and easy to do, no hard memorizing so it's a great t.v. watching project. I cast this on this Saturday and it's already 15 inches long, about half way.

Whiffer was kind enough to be a model, of course for him the shawl is a tad big. A great quick knit!


  1. Looks like Whiffer is nice and warm in his mini-shawl.

    You'll have to knit him his own after you give away this one.

  2. Sweet of you to do - me I'm a bit too much of a selfish knitter.