Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wii Time vs Me Time

We recently purchased a Wii. After years of considering it and debating we finally decided it was a good idea. We were visiting at my BIL's house and mentioned that we were thinking about getting a wii but we weren't sure if we'd like it. Before we knew it our 7 yr old nephew was taking us to the rec room to try it out. We fell in love with it. The trouble came in finding one to buy. They were sold out locally at every store. Finally I found one online and snagged it.

So now I have wii time vs me time. This translates to playing wii versus knitting and being a couch potato.

Last night I managed to do both. I love the Wii Sports Resort. I had a blast cycling and my arms are definitely feeling the workout and surprisingly enough the golf is so much fun.

I'm almost done my second Prayer Shawl. This first one was so much fun and so quick, I had it done in just a week. For me that's great considering the demands on my time. Life would be so much more fun if it were filled doing the things you loved to rather than what you needed to do.


  1. Have fun with the Wii. We have friends that use them as their only form of exercise and love them.

  2. Love love love the shawl knitting going on!