Saturday, April 17, 2010

Basketweave Cloth

I am fiddling with a basket weave cloth with a stockinette break
between pattern rows. This is in Bernat Summer Splash.

C0 44

Knit 3 rows
B= k2 at beg and end of row

Row 1: B, *p4, k4 rep across end with k4 and B. Repeat this row 3
more times.

Stockinette rows
K across
K2, purl across to end k2

Row 2: B, *k4, p4 rep across end with p4, B. Repeat this row 3 times


Repeat these two pattern rows 3 more times. End with one more repeat of Row 1(4 rows total). K 3 rows garter stitch, bind off and weave in ends.
Cloth measures 10 x 10.

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