Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Comfort Shawl

I absolutely love this pattern, I just cannot say enough good things about it!! I even plan on starting my next one tonight - that is saying something indeed! I have more of these same colours as well as a jalapeno green. I think the next shawl will have the ivory, creme brulee, honeydew and jalapeno. I may get two more shawls out of this. I'll think of something to do with them for sure, but this one will be my shawl.

Shawl knitting is so much fun. The only thing is I could have really used a longer cable. I used Addi Turbo's 4.5 mm with a 40" cable. I am definitely going to save up for the Knit Pick interchangable needles. That would be so much easier than always buying a new needle with a different cord length. If you haven't done this pattern, I highly recommenced it. I have limited knitting time and I finished it in nine days!

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  1. Beautiful! Feather and fan is one of my favorite patterns to knit.