Saturday, April 24, 2010

Red n' White Gingham Cloth

The challenge! I downloaded this pattern free from ravelry but then it sat in my pattern binder. I kept looking at it wondering why I ever downloaded it, it looked complicated and why did the cloth require circular needles if it was a square. These and other things prevented me from taking a stab at knitting one.

That was though, until yesterday. I decided that I was going to just try it. Surprisingly enough it is relatively easy. The only thing is that you need to know what row you are on all the time. In the pattern she is quite clear about it, and she's serious! I did a slight mistake at one point, you probably won't be able to tell from the picture - but it was from a silly goof up. I learned quickly if I was stepping away to make a note of what row was next. My border is a little more full as I used a 5mm crochet hook as it was on hand I was too lazy to go downstairs and look for one.

Forgive the poor picture. Our camera is at work and I had to use my BB to snap a picture of the FO. If you haven't tried this cloth I highly reccommend it. I'm not sure how much actual use it will get. To me it's just to pretty to use. I'm going to cast on for another one tonight using bright yellow and white.


  1. Now I am intrigued, gotta check it out.
    It reminds me of a picnic, I like the colors.