Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

This morning at church we prayed for Mother's, Grandmother's and anyone who has acted in a motherly way towards us. Both those living, and those who have died.

To my mom - I'm so thankful for the closeness we share. All the 'Smitty's' days, when I need someone to listen you are always there! I miss our coffee visits - wish you lived closer. You blessed me with the creative gene - showing me how to crochet and when we were small you drew a Christmas scene for us. I was in awe of your wicked drawing skills!

To my Granny who is no longer with us. Your caring, loving ways will always be remembered. You always took the time to give hugs and fill the tummy with your delicious baking and homemade soups. I loved helping in the garden and our walks to the store, sipping pic-a-pop in the backyard while you showed me the best way to open a nectarine. I remember you sitting patiently trying to show me how to knit. You made so many moments so special!

To all my friends, I hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day!
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