Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Process or Project Knitter?

I've seen this question posed on a few different blogs lately and it got me to thinking. I guess I'd like to be a 'process' knitter. To just enjoy every moment but I'm such a 'get-it-done' kind of person that I am more of a 'project' knitter. I guess that's why I enjoy doing small projects such as dishcloths and why I'm going to give socks a try. I like the process part, don't get me wrong but if I have a project on the go I'm going gang-busters to get it finished. What happens to me if I leave it too long is it loses it's appeal.

For that reason I've yet to complete an afghan that I started last winter(to be finished last May) - the project is knit all in one piece and it seems like it's taking forever to finish. I need to just smack myself and enjoy the process of it. It's going to be finished though, I'm NOT frogging a blanket that is almost half-way done. So now I take it out on occasion and work a few rows and try to just enjoy the process of knitting it as I know I can't finish it quickly. I get bored on a large project like that.

Knowing this I have to question my decision making sanity. I ordered enough knit picks comfy worsted to make another afghan. I started this and stopped it many times. I couldn't find a pattern that really called to me. Convinced I would never turn that yarn into a blanket I made myself a shawl. In the meantime I had ordered yet even more of the yarn in different shades. So I still have a considerable amount of this yarn. The plan now is to continue making these cabled squares and sewing it into a small blanket/throw. I'm hoping by making little squares that I can finish quickly will help me stay on task. I love the yarn, it's so soft and cozy. I wear my shawl a LOT so, I must persevere and get the project done one way or another. I'm already really enjoying knitting this new throw and the pattern really suits the yarn quite well.


  1. Those squares look great - I like the pattern. Process over product with me too - but like you I have to like the idea of the product to start with. I've learned through experience that I often don't use or wear the projects in the end - which is why the process is so very important. Also - I quite like lace knitting (maybe not in lace weight) but the way I dress is not "lacey" so again its really about the enjoyment of the knitting and hopefully I know enough people who I can give lacey knitted gifts to.

  2. I am with you on this one also. We should meet 1/2 way for a week with just our afghan pieces and have a knit in.
    The afghan kal is working for me so far, but then I have one mitten to finish, a granny afghan to put together and newly started rectangular granny afghan that I can just keep adding rows. Let's not even talk about the containers of yarn in my basement.