Monday, June 14, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

My wonderful sister awarded me with this - what a nice surprise!

The challenge now is to think of 10 things to share with you all - I'll try to come up with some unique things that I haven't shared previously.

I am passing this award on to:

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Things About Me:

1. When I was little my Granny nicknamed me 'Missy'. I hated the name and only let my Granny call me that. When I was really young I had bed wetting issues and you can figure out the rhyme in your head I'm sure. So the name really rubbed me the wrong way, today though I have no problem if someone calls me Missy. It's too bad it had that association with it. If you call me Mel on the other hand I'll probably give you a bit of a glare.

2. In the 90's I had my own website where I offered free Outlook Express Stationery. Back in the good old days of 'dial-up' internet. I met a lot of nice people through Excite Chat who taught me a lot about computer graphics. I still like playing around with Paint Shop Pro.

3. I have never been outside of Canada. I hope to remedy that soon. My husband and I married young at 19 and we didn't have a honeymoon. We're planning to take a trip away for our 25th instead of having a party. We want to travel while we can still enjoy it.

4. I came into this world three weeks late. I took my time coming and every day the neighbors in the apartment building would say to my mom 'You still here'(she loved that btw). I was in no hurry at all, well that is until the big day. The day I decided to make my entrance I was in a huge hurry. In fact the doctor who lived right across the street from the hospital couldn't get there in time and I was delivered by the head nurse. She didn't believe my mom when she said the baby is coming. I guess I wanted to be here in time for Christmas. They brought me to my mom in a red Christmas stocking with a red ribbon in my hair. What can I say that was the start of my love for Christmas - I go crazy for Christmas decorating.

5. I love to collect things. It started with a button collection(pin types not shirt buttons) and I have since had a collection of tea cups and tea pots. I also like to collect Coke memorabilia even though I drink Pepsi. My Granny gave me her old Coke cooler(the metal type). I love that cooler and it's actually better at keeping things new than my new Coleman one. Since I have the nagging need to collect I try to keep it in check, if not my house would be full of junk.

6. I've never been to a concert - there I've said it. I don't know why I find this embarrassing but I somehow do. I just never had an opportunity when I was younger and now I can't see spending money to see one.

7. When I was 20 my sister and I did the 'Penguin Dip'. We had a local winter festival and they had a penguin dip. We had to jump into the ice cold lake where they had about 4 feet cut out - walk to the other side and walk back. All for a t-shirt that said 'Penguin Dip'. When I jumped in the water I just wanted to jump out, but they had people in wet suits that kept you moving, truly the coldest I've ever been.

8. I'm just now reading the last Harry Potter book. I'd read all of the others but for some reason I got stalled out reading the final book.

9. I miss the 'drive-in' movie days! Some of the best fun we'd have when the kids were little was packing up the car and heading to the drive in. The kids always wanted their favorite snack of 'pickle-on-a-stick'! It was good family fun. If I had the money I'd open up a drive-in just for nostalgia. We mustn't be the only ones. I noticed the other day that our neighbors have taken to watching t.v. in the backyard. They have a t.v. sitting on a shelf in the window of their garage and the enjoy watching it outdoors.

10. When I grew up I wanted to be a librarian or a teacher. I loved the library and I still do! I'd make my little sister play school in the summer, I loved correcting the work. It's a little quirk that I notice spelling errors even in things like love notes. Spelling was my favorite subject.


  1. Thanks for the award!

    Penguin Dip .........brrrrrrrrrrr. LOL

  2. All righty I'll see what I can do about this as far as a response. My blog is dying!!!
    But thanks my dear.

  3. Don't forget the Penquin dip made you famous for a made the paper and the local news!!! I remember walking around the trailor court in my bathing suit (Yeah I know you'd never catch me doing that today LOL) about a week before to get used to the Cold...(yeah what was I thinking there was no Preparation for that little jump in the icy lake)
    Oh and remember how "wonderful" the change tent know that glorious Wascana lake smell)