Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mom, there is a Tornado Warning!!!!!

That's what woke me up just after one a.m. this morning, by my 17 yo DD none-the-less. Yes it was storming, quite well actually. The thunder and were quite intense!

Our DD has had a rather huge fear of storms since she was little. We had a few scary moments camping. One on particular trip we were having a great time, the day was perfect. We spent the day at the beach because it was so hot. That evening roasting our hot dogs on the campfire I began to see clouds rolling in.

One thing you learn growing up on the prairies is to keep your eyes on the sky! Summer months produce wicked summer storms. So I grew up with a great respect fear of the summer sky. As I watched the sky I got more and more nervous, it seemed like we were the only ones in the campground to be so nervous. That's when I had the brilliant idea to phone into the weather office and see if there was any danger. Why I did that I'll never know. What I heard scared me and it transferred on to my DD. There was a Tornado Warning. The warning means that funnel clouds have been spotted in the area.

We made a decision to seek the nearest shelter, which was the service centre. As we were waiting for the storm to pass, several more seasoned campers were coming and going, having their nightly showers and getting the kids to bed. I guess they hadn't phoned the weather station so it was just another summer storm to them and therefor no big deal.

Last night though, there was no such warning. I think she started to hear the thunder in her sleep as it was so LOUD! After listening to it for some time, it started to work its way into her dreams. When she woke up she was positive she had heard that there was a tornado warning. She came scrambling to our room in a panic, asked us to get the dog so he'd be safe too. I could quickly tell she was in a semi-conscious state. We quickly checked for any weather warnings and when she was assured that it was just a regular T-Storm she was ready to go back to bed.

Getting back to sleep was a trick unto itself. The thunder was so loud, every time I'd start to nod off there would be another HUGE clap of thunder would hit and I would be wide awake again!


  1. So sorry Melissa.. Those fears are well worth worrying about, I started a blog and posted it but have no idea how to see it LOL

  2. Oh my gosh .... so scary.

    We have had horrible lightning storms lately. Several houses have burned to the ground.

    Stay safe .... I think it is going to be a longgggg summer.

  3. I am one of those weird people who likes electrical storms. Strangely enough when I was about 19 and still living at Dad's I came home from a hair appointment to find that lightening actually struck his house. It is a rare occurrence here on the west coast and it event created a lot of attention - Dad was even on the evening news. There wasn't a huge amount of damage to the house - the roof had to be repaired and I think he had to buy a new t.v.

  4. Your poor daughter, I bet it was real to her last night.
    I like storms, but not when camping. Smart call on your part.