Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Mosquito's are ten times as bad than normal for this time of year! As reported in the news today. Our abnormally WET spring has them out in record numbers. It doesn't take much water. Any small amount of standing water will do. We've got that in spades!

They are big too! My DH swears he saw one as big as his thumb! Taking the dog out to the backyard you are met with a swarm of them, they're loud too! It sounds like helicopters overhead. They circle and stalk you as you run quickly hoping they can't catch you. Then they land, with a big thud. You always know they're there but how can you swat them when you've got 50 on you at the same time?

What can you do except reach for the huge can of DEET spray and hope for the best. Oh you will get many helpful advice from people on how to deal with the pesky buggers. Cover up in Avon's skin so soft oil, sure nothing like getting all greased up to go sit outdoors. So now I'm a slippery mess and I'm itching all over.

Then there is the good 'bug torture machine'. You know the ones, they're zapping all evening long - gross! Not only do mosquito's only make up 1% of the bugs that actually get caught by it a lot of beneficial bugs get decimated in the process. It's just nasty!

Light a citronella candle. Now I like a nice candle lit evening just as much as the next person. Let's not pretend however that this works in any way shape or form. All it does is provide mood lighting for the lil buggers!

If you are getting more bites than a friend you'll be told 'you must eat a lot of bananas' or 'if you eat garlic they'll leave you alone'. True, but so will your friends...lol! No there really isn't any scientific proof that confirms that your diet plays a big role in whether or not you get bit more or less than your family and friends.

What crazy mosquito prevention ideas have been passed to you by your helpful friends?

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  1. Like you I have been told about the citrenella candles ste. I do find that the skin so soft does work, but for those who do not like the oily feeling it might not be the best choice. I have not heard of any other remedies but I sure would like to find some.
    As I sit outside with my children fighting off the mosquitos I wish I had my own personal dragon fly collection. I look forward to reading this blog in hopes of finding some new and wonderful ideas for getting rid of the pesky mosquito.